4 thoughts on “Modern living. Washed masks hanging to dry.

    • Hello inspiredbythedivine1. OMG 😀😃😄😆🤩

      Oh my friend what a good laugh you gave me. The idea of us overweight out of shape old guys could wear something like that takes more imagination than I have. I am going to share your thought with Ron as soon as he gets up. I will let you know how long it takes him to stop chuckling.

      Be well. Hugs


  • I wash my masks every night, laughed out loud at the sight of your all too familiar drying rack. Sidebar – occurred to me today that I haven’t had a cold in 2020. That’s a remarkable thing to consider, normally I’d have caught 3 or 4.Hugs.

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    • Hello Notes To Ponder. Yes I think that masks are useful in a lot of ways. In other countries they were wearing them before this Covid virus. I have my blue masks but I only go out for doctors appointments. Ron uses the black ones and he goes out much more. When he gets home he washes them in the sink with detergent, but I insist that we run them all through the washing machine routinely. I need to get him some more. Be well, best wishes. Hugs


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