6 thoughts on “‘Stop the steal’ disinformation campaign connected to Roger Stone

  • Scottie, in my post this morning, I cited John Bolton, Trump’s former national security director’s comments. Per Occam’s Razor (the simplest explanation is often the one that is the reason), I think we should turn the tables on Trump and ask him why we should not believe that he is not perpetuating a voter fraud on the American people. The evidence indicates he orchestrated exactly what he is doing now planning it for many months. It is easier to believe that than his assertion of massive voter fraud which would have to include more than several Republican election officials and secretaries of state.

    As for Roger Stone, he is a self proclaimed dirty trickster and guilty of lying to the FBI among other things (note Trump commuted his sentence not his conviction), so anyone who believes a word Stone says is very gullible. It is like the serial cheating husband saying he will be faithful going forward. Keith


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    • Hello Keith. I just watched an interview with a tRump campaign person and Bill Maher. The tRump campaign person simply couldn’t stick to facts, simply repeated talking points, talked over any attempt to correct them, and never admitted they were wrong. It was like hitting a wall, There was simply no acknowledging reality. Constant denial and the trying to force the alternate reality on everyone.

      I am reminded of the idea that you never will get agreement from someone whose paycheck is dependent on them not agreeing.

      As for Roger Stone, I really hope there is a new DOJ investigation of the whole tRump / stone situation. He was a inside worker for tRump. He clearly claimed he had blackmail material over tRump, asking for a pardon. He got a commutation from tRump, then hired again by tRump. The idea that there is no wrong doing here is silly. I think he will be one of those pardoned by tRump before the new President takes office.

      Keith if we are to become a really progress country then we must find and punish these people behind the scene dirty tricksters. Hugs


      • Scottie, my source for this is the HBO movie “The Loudest Voice” on Roger Ailes starring Russel Crowe. It was based on a book written by a key person on Ailes’ team who became disillusioned when Ailes lied to him about his trolling efforts of dissenters. The movie directly links Roger Stone as the one who coaxed Trump to run at the request of Ailes. Ailes wanted someone like him to run – a charmer and bully. These were the reasons why he liked Sean Hannity – he wanted someone to beat up on dissenters. Keith

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  • “so anyone who believes a word Stone says is very gullible”…
    And that is their audience. The more ridiculous and impossible the claims, the greater their hunger for it. No one else will listen to the garbage.

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    • Hello Cagjr. This reminds me of the supermarket scandal sheet papers like the national inquire, the sun news, and a few others that I forget their names. Filled with just stupid made up trash like batboy and B1 bomber found on the moon shit. People bought this crap, paid money for it. It stuns me but people like Alex Jones are now doing the live action version on the web and getting a lot of money for it. It is not even entertaining bullshit, just hurtful nonsense crap. It is not even satire, which I doubt his viewers could understand anyway.

      But the idea that people think these protests are started at the ground level and grass level support is wrong. These are organized, created, and supported by Parisian operatives like stone and backed up with wealthy donors, and lapped up entirely by the cult followers. Hugs


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