2 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRump has no defense against reality, Biden won tRump lost

  • Scottie, it is interesting that the president has done more planning over the past six or more months to orchestrate his claims he has won than he ever did to deal with COVID-19. Of course, he lied about both for the most of the year. He seemed to care more about people voting against him by mail, than the fact they had to vote by mail to feel safe. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. tRump’s strategy on both has always been to try to change reality to what he wills it to be. Unfortunately the Covid virus doesn’t care about tRump’s tweets and insults. While people can be influenced to disbelieve reality, a virus can not be. So tRump gave up. He has no other idea how to handle it, and he hates hard work, hates to have to think. Hugs

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