Remember recounts move small numbers of ballots, not large bunches. Even if you gave tRump all the ballots his lawyers have filed suit over it still wouldn’t catch up to Biden, Biden’s lead is that great. I do not know who these jerks are trying to fool. What decision is the SCOTUS going to make on Pennsylvania, there has been no wide spread wrong doing by the state, they have followed the law and the SCOTUS has already thrown out any of tRump’s lawsuits against them. Hugs

8 thoughts on “Delusional

    • Hello Nan. And then some. I am still trying to understand the goal of these Republicans? They know it is over, that Biden won and is President – elect. So it is a fund raising thing? Is it to avoid upsetting the cult? Or are they trying to use this stuff to gain votes in Georgia? Hugs


      • Most likely all of the above.

        Trump doesn’t do ANYTHING that won’t benefit him in some way. I think he’s staying out of the limelight so his “friends” can do the dirty work without too much publicity.

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        • Hello Nan. That tRump is out of sight is also suspicious. There was speculation he had a stroke months ago. I think it is possible he had another TIA and it took a week for him to get strong enough to fake that weak presser on Covid vaccines. Some thing had to happen to keep him off the air and out of the media. Hugs


          • Possible, I suppose. But what about the fact he held so many rallies right before the voting? Yes, he showed signs of weariness, but cripe! He IS 74 years old! That much exertion of energy takes a lot out of a person.

            Of course, most would attribute it to his (supposedly) COVID-19 scare … but I’ve had suspicious about that even. I would not be surprised if it was all show to prove the virus is “no big deal.”

            I suppose either of us could be on the right track … maybe even both of us. There’s little argument that he’s one sneaky bastard.

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            • Hello Nan. If he was sick it would have happened after the election night. And I agree with you he is one sneaky bastard. He could be just plotting things. But he did cancel his Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Largo, that means something. Ron says he can not face the wealthy people of Palm Beach, but he has always faked it before. Hugs

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  • Another of Texas’ finest. He doesn’t expect to pay any rewards, since Trump’s lawyers have already proven there is no fraud outside what the GOP commits, but it serves to bring the troglodytes to action. This just amplifies their desperation and frustration. They can’t even lose well.

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    • Hello Cagjr. They have gotten use to talking only to the tRump cult. The lowest common denominator. They never bother to try to talk to the rest of the country. They know the cult will believe anything they tell them. Hugs


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