8 thoughts on “Do your part, be a hero

  • Hi Scottie. And a good morning to ya.

    About half, maybe two-thirds of us can practice some common sense. The remainder has a strange compulsion to kill themselves and others to prove that otherwise intelligent people will follow after an ideology however misguided.

    Have a good day. Stay safe.

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    • This is where we are. Some people disregard medical and scientific evidence and take the word of a luteous mythomaniac, lying church leaders, and right-wing propagandists.

      A traveling ICU nurse who has been treating COVID-19 patients said she often sees “regret” from her patients for not taking action to prevent contracting the virus. Lydia Mobley, who is a traveling nurse with Fastaff, which is deploying nurses across the country, told CBSN’s Lana Zak that “a common thing we hear is they didn’t think coronavirus was real, they didn’t think it was serious.”

      Mobley said that while she is lucky that her hospital has enough PPE, they are running out of COVID-19 body bags.


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      • Hello Cagjr. I agree and I have watched the clips the same things. PPE is something Biden said he is going to work on, and I am glad to hear it as I am hearing from medical workers that the PPE shortage is still a big problem. Plus doing it at a federal level will stop the price gouging that everyone bidding against each for the supplies is causing. Hugs


    • Hello Cagjr. I have never understood the Dunning – Kruger effect. You know the idea that the dumber you are the smarter you think you are. There is nothing wrong with not understandings something. I do not understand philosophy well. I have limited exposure to it. When Dylan asked me a question dealing with it I told him I did not understand it. I did not pretend I was an expert and go off on a wild rant showing how little I knew.

      But that is what the tRump and anti-vaxxers do. They can not understand something so it is fake news, or they know better because again they don’t understand it. And that idea is ruining the country. We have people who are demanding to live in a reality that doesn’t exist. They might as well demand to live on Mars also. They do not know how elections work it seems. They don’t know the laws. And in their reality the Dear Leader never lies? So when he says he won, that he was made president they accept and believe it. Then reality kicks in and they just wont believe the truth as in their minds they know better.

      Or they simply want what they want and to hell with everyone else. Their needs / emotions are the only ones that count, again just like their Dear Leader. Either way they are destroying the country and need to go back to school. Hugs


  • Reading a few of the comments that followed, it’s easy to see why so many are fighting “shutdowns.” Of course a very large part of it is financial needs, but it also involves psychological needs.

    Many of us retired folk are fine staying in … we’ve found ways to keep ourselves occupied (mind and/or body) during our “Golden Years.” But it’s a whole different ballgame for the young and healthy.

    Of course we can’t change the past –and this subject has been “discussed” multiple times– but -IF- the leader of this country had taken a different path, some of what people are experiencing now could have been prevented … or at least GREATLY reduced.

    Unfortunately, it is what it is.

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    • Hello Nan. Yes I understand. I also have no problem with staying home, I have been doing it for years. I am far busier than I can handle right here at home. Ron has a harder time with it and will decide he needs to go to the store for a couple items that I think could have waited. But we have enough projects and media to keep him busy also.

      As for the financial issue the way the government handled the money / stimulus is a crime IMO. I have said often that demanding the states fully open schools for in person classroom education was to give the parents someplace to park their kids while they return to the work force, disregarding the health issues entirely. It is all about money. Most states get their income from sales taxes. If people are not buying and selling there is no tax revenue. If people have no money they don’t spend. If states don’t collect enough money they can not pay for all the unemployment and other bills the states have. Everything comes crashing down.

      What other countries did ( yes I know looking at the success other countries have is not “America First”. “We are number one” crap ) was to give the government money to the people. They did this by paying business to pay the wages of the employees. No one lost their job, and everyone kept paying their bills. No one lost their apartment or home, and landlords got their due payments. The businesses did not gain lots of money but stayed afloat. Their economies struggled but kept going.

      Our government shafted the people. They gave the money, big amounts of money, to business for their own use, to spend on the business it self, not the employees. The people instead got a one time payment of $1,200 that at the time the Sec. of the Treasury said should last everyone at least ten weeks. Ya right? But as no more money has come from the government to the people that one time payment must last forever I guess. However businesses got two more bites of the money apple, and the Fed has manipulated the currency for the large corporations. The US shut down for a very short time incompletely and opened up far too soon wasting all the effort. Our economy has never recovered because the people have no money to spend to buy things, and no safety in trying to work. We have been abandoned by the very government that should be helping and caring for the people. States also need money as the people do. Medical facilities need money desperately. Thanks to McConnell and the Republican Senators we have become a fourth world nation. One where 245,000+ people are dying needlessly. Hugs

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      • Unfortunately, “government” has always been more attuned to helping the “big guys” than the average citizen. SUPPOSEDLY (based on who-knows-who conclusions), it’s all supposed to “trickle down” and help the average citizen. But of course it doesn’t.

        It’s no wonder people are up-in-arm about shutdowns! They are willing to risk the virus to put food on the table, keep a roof over their head, and keep the car running … simply because all of this is needed for them to survive!

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        • Hello Nan. As you say, simply to survive. That is what the wealthy and corporations want, desperate people make compliant workers. And the totally bought getting ever more wealthy elected officials, mostly Republicans, are making it happen. Hugs


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