Loony Louis Spawns Latest Batshit Conspiracy Claims

How embarrassing that a member of our most deliberative governing body is spreading clearly fake and easily discredited conspiracy stories.   What will he talk about next, batboy found or Yetis marching around D.C. carrying free Nepal signs?   Hugs

Loony Louis Spawns Latest Batshit Conspiracy Claims

The Associated Press reports:

CLAIM: The U.S. Army raided the Frankfurt office of the Spanish election software company Scytl to seize servers that had evidence of voting irregularities in the Nov. 3 U.S. election.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. Both the Army and Scytl told The Associated Press the claim is not true. Furthermore, Scytl does not have offices or servers in Frankfurt, Germany.

THE FACTS: Social media users Saturday were sharing reports published by conservative websites claiming servers that would reveal wrongdoing in the U.S. election had been confiscated by U.S. military forces in Germany.

The false claims followed a Zoom call this week that featured Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert, of Texas, suggesting that “U.S. Army forces” had seized servers from a Frankfurt office of the software company Scytl.

Read the full article.

4 thoughts on “Loony Louis Spawns Latest Batshit Conspiracy Claims

  • “I don’t know the truth.”

    Of course, you don’t know the truth, and if you did, you would twist it into something unrecognizable.

    This is the kind of leadership the Republicans choose to represent them, and maybe it reflects the character of the whole party. If Gohmert was a single instance he might be ignored, but it is a characteristic of the whole. It doesn’t cause them any shame and it doesn’t harm their chances of re-election. He is also a former judge, so personal integrity is not held in high regard in Texas.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Yes, very true. Another way Gohmert is fully Republican is he refuses to apologize or ever admit he is wrong, even when he is clearly wrong. Just like his Dear Leader. Remember what he did to his staff when he was contagious with Covid. He crowded them in to his small office all maskless including him to tell them he had it. I would have kicked his ass. Hugs


    • Hello Suze. Sadly they do get elected don’t they? I think we can blame State Propaganda TV and decades of voter suppression / gerrymandering. The shame of it is the worst acting dumbest elected members of government are from deep red Republican states. Hugs

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