4 thoughts on “Same flag

  • They certainly represent the same sentiment. The treasonous ‘stars and bars’, the fascist Nazis, and their new dog-whistle flag, a corrupted ‘Old Glory’, not to support law enforcement, but to put us all on notice, “We have nothing to do with patriotism, democracy, or the U. S. Constitution. We are about White Nationalism. Fascism. Racism. We are about anarchy.”

    This is probably the last best chance for the enemies of democracy, the capitalists, the white nationalist, and the Christian Nationalists to return us to a period prior to 1863.

    This is probably the last best chance for White people to get over being white, to finally see ourselves as equal to the rest of society. We are going to be ruled either by the church or by our Constitution. The church has no room for democracy.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Yes I think if we can keep the progressives voting in large numbers, if in 2022 the Democrats take the Senate as the map looks very good for Democrats, we can force the demise of a regressive backward dying Republican party. The country is left leaning, and on issues want the things that make their life better / easier. Republicans want life easier for corporations and wealthy, but harder for the average person. The Democrats did their best in years where they fought hard for the lower incomes, the workers, the unions, the common man. Right now the older leadership of the Democratic party has moved right as they have aged, their ideas are now center right instead of left. The issue of legalized marijuana is a good example. The majority of the people want it. Plus they want peoples records expunged it they were punished for using it. But our old white leaders only remember it is bad from their prime days in the 1980’s. Just say no. Reefer madness.

      The majority of the country wants medical reform with some type of universal single payer system with easy to use coverage for everyone. But the senior leadership of both parties don’t care, they are far too corporate and into profits for those large companies that donate to their election committees. When asked why she should be Speaker of the House 4 years ago Pelosi said because she raises the most money. Not that she does the most for the people, but she gets more donations. That says it all. Hugs


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