5 thoughts on “The phases of lying tRump

  • Scottie, when I saw the title, I wondered what they would be. Sadly, these are true. I would add one more – lying but not knowing he is lying. He lies so often, he does not where the truth stops and the lies begin. His saying repeatedly he passed the VA Health Protection Act, was untruthful, as it was passed in 2014. He did pass an amendment to it, so he may think he passed the actual act. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I agree, good addition. tRump has been making reality to shape his desire and ideas for so long he can not tell reality from his own fictions. Hugs


      • Actually, I don’t think he cares. He just opens his mouth and says whatever comes into his head — and this is perfectly demonstrated by his constant repeats of things he’s already said a jillion times before.

        If it’s a lie, who cares? If it sounds good to Trump’s ears, that’s all that counts.

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