4 thoughts on “Slate: She Worked to Turn Georgia Blue and Got Arrested for It. Again.

  • It is so good to se that theugly spectre of racism has been purged from Georgia! Now ain’t that a peach?
    The White Supremacists are deathly afraid of of Black people and will do every thing in their power, legality not an issue, to suppress and oppress.

    Joy Reid, Davis Corn (Mother Jones), and Michael Steele (Former RNC Chairman) are discussing the racism in Georgia as I write.

    It is not that they are living in the ’60s. well maybe 1860s.

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    • Hello Cagjr. It turns out Lindsey Graham tried to pressure the Georgia Secretary of State to throw out legal mail in ballots from certain areas. I bet you can guess which areas.

      I look forward to the day when bigots have no power or sway. Yes I can see how the idea of a person you hate being in charge would scare the bigots. I think the fact that Pete Buttigieg could have been president may have struck fear into all the religious bigots who raised a ton of money off the claim to be stopping his presidential run. Hugs


  • Fannie Lou Hammer:
    “We have to build our own power. We have to win every single political office we can, where we have a majority of black people… The question for black people is not, when is the white man going to give us our rights, or when is he going to give us good education for our children, or when is he going to give us jobs-if the white man gives you anything-just remember when he gets ready he will take it right back. We have to take for ourselves.” ~ Fannie Lou Hamer

    I believe that the Black community works harder than anyone else to uphold and enforce the Constitution, to undo all the roadblocks white people have used to prevent their gaining equality. I don’t mean all white people; it is that minority who manage to keep control.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I agree. I just don’t get the fear some white people have over the change of demographics. I guess it is the same fear that misogynists have with women getting into office and having control. They are worried the POC / women / minorities will treat them they way they have treated the minorities. They don’t deserve the reassurance but that wont happen. Minorites getting their rightful place at the table doesn’t mean that whites will be denied everything from the table. It means with more equal representation we will have more equal opportunities for everyone. The day is coming when simple numbers mean white people are not a majority anymore, and that is nothing to be afraid of. It is just a normal evolution of our country. Hugs


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