Destroying the US for profit

4 thoughts on “Destroying the US for profit

  • It usually takes two successive Democratic administrations to over come the damage done by one Republican administration, if there is a Democratic majority or at least a few Republicans with aany spine at all. If Moscow Mitch remains majority leader in the Senate, all of Trump’s destructive acts will go unchecked. The damage from mining and drilling for oil and gas will be permanent at best, with some regulation. Now Trump and the capitalists bosses are acting as if we are an enemy nation whose economy and ecology they intend to destroy. A sort of scorched earth policy.

    We desperately need those two Senate seats in Georgia to do Democrat.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Yes true. If we do not get the Senate the Republicans will let their wealthy donors rape and pillage the US to suck as much profit out of the land as possible with no concern how it effects anyone else negatively. They wont have to pay to clean up and toxic sites, they have already managed to get the government to do that on their other toxic clean up sites. Privatize their profits for them, socialize their expenses on to us. Hugs


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