2 thoughts on “Thousands line up in cars in Texas to receive food before Thanksgiving

  • I’m “liking” this only because you’ve posted it … not because the virus has done this to so many people. It’s just one more black mark against a stubborn, biased president, let alone the fact this is happening in one of the “richest” countries in the world.

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    • Hello Nan. I am glad you able to like, but I am hoping you save a few anger bits for McConnell and the other Senate Republicans who insist on only giving money to wealthy businesses and who have held up the C.A.R.E.S. act since May that the House passed. Republicans can not even agree among themselves to give any money out to help the people, but McConnell did put a bill on the Senate floor that gave more money to business and included a provision of cancelling all liabilities for business and work spaces. So for the people nothing, for business complete protections and more money. Seems to fit what I have been saying is the new normal for wealthy Republican office holders. The mantra is: The government must only serve the wealth upper class and corporations, the government must never help the lower class and workers. Workers must be made to depend on the largeness of corporations and businesses good will.

      It sickens me what the country has become. Even Charles Koch admits his organizations have pushed it too far. They wanted to return this country to the time of robber barons who ruled the country and treated workers mercilessly. Yet we are #1, we are the greatest. Hugs

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