Alex Jones Calls On Cultists To Storm GA Gov’s Mansion

How is this legal?   Hugs

Media Matters reports:

During the November 16 broadcast of The Alex Jones Show, Jones told listeners “everyone must go to the capital of Georgia now and you must surround the governor’s mansion now.”

Jones said that he would also travel to Georgia where he would be joined by Roger Stone, who has urged Trump to take several draconian actions to stay in power, including imposing martial law.

Jones is also urging Trump to join him in Atlanta “and go into the governor’s mansion” to stop the election results from being certified. (Forming a blockade around the mansion would not actually stop the process because “the governor’s certification is a pro forma action to accept the secretary of state’s tally.”)

Read the full article.

7 thoughts on “Alex Jones Calls On Cultists To Storm GA Gov’s Mansion

    • Hello Keith. I agree. But I want to expand that to any nonsense argument made by opinion entertainment hosts. That includes tRump, who is only a reality TV show host thinking he is in another scripted show. Hugs

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      • Agreed. His niece said it well, he will burn it all down not to lose. I saw where 50% of Republicans say the election was stolen from Trump. That is the hold he has over these terribly fooled people. Keith

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  • Why is Alex Jones not receiving psychiatric care? Why are Alex Jones and Roger Stone not in a prison cell? With Trump.

    It is remarkable that people can appear on any platform to incite insurrection and not be charged. This is all an assault on our democracy and in their failure, they become more panicked, grabbing at every straw. The frivolous suits are becoming nuisance suits.

    Infowars has no other purpose but to disrupt the flow of information in the public arena. They do just what Trump is doing now; having lost the election he and his lawyers now carry out a publicity stunt which will never change the election results. I have Mary Trump’s book. Too Much And Never Enough, and I don’t think any of her declarations and predictions are off the mark.

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    • Hello Cagjr. To me it is a sign of the times that info wars, a joke of a internet show found a huge following that believed the infomercial entertainment that spawned it. The early parts of it was just to sell fake medical cures and other supplements. How ridiculous it all is. How did the country that put men on the moon deteriorate to cave dwelling science denying anti-social idiots who believe in the Qanon bullshit. The religious organizations that fought public schooling should be so proud of what they achieved. Hugs


  • Someone should declare Alex Jones in need of psychiatric help and have him sectioned, preferably for a very long time .Have him search the hospital grounds for all the marbles he’s lost. His call came dangerously close to creating a riot or violence. Your article of free speech should be changed to make it illegal to promote things like this.

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    • Hello David. There is a misconception about the free speech doctrine in the constitution. It only applies to preventing the government from blocking a person’s speech. It doesn’t mandate anyone listen nor platform that speech. It also doesn’t prevent a person from suffering the consequences for anything a person says. Alex Jones has faced lawsuits and consequences for his hate speech. He tries to walk a legal line but some day he will fall over on the wrong side and be arrested or sued for everything he has. Hugs

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