Arizona secretary of state calls on Trump, members of Congress to stop ‘perpetuating misinformation’

Is this the country we have become? What happened to our democracy and the smooth transfer of power we bragged about? Is this the democracy we have waged 20 plus years of wars to bring to other countries, now we here have fighting fractions willing to kill each other in the streets to get their candidate in office? Think about it please? We went to war over nearly 3,000 dead, yet we refused to wear masks when we have over 245,000 dead. Hugs

The top elections official in Arizona called on President Trump and members of Congress on Wednesday to stop “perpetuating misinformation” as she faces threats of violence following this month’s election, the first time Arizona has voted for a Democratic presidential nominee since 1996.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) said in a statement that the “ongoing and escalating threats of violence” against her, her family and her office are “utterly abhorrent,” pledging that the “continued intimidation tactics will not prevent me from performing the duties I swore an oath to do.”

She specifically faulted Trump and other elected officials for fueling distrust in the voting system. 

“There are those, including the president, members of Congress and their elected officials, who are perpetuating misinformation and are encouraging others to distrust the election results in a manner that violates the oath of office they took,” Hobbs said. “It is well past time that they stop. Their words and actions have consequences.”

“Now, I am calling on other leaders in the state, including the governor whose deafening silence has contributed to the growing unrest, to stand up for the truth,” she added. 




The secretary of state also called out Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward, accusing her of spreading conspiracy theories. 

The statement came a day after Arizona officials announced they were looking into an apparent death threat against Hobbs. 

The threat, made over Parler, the social media site that has attracted conservatives disenchanted with Twitter, “was something like, ‘Let’s burn her house down and kill her and her family, and teach these fraudsters a lesson,'” Hobbs told NBC affiliate 12 News in Phoenix.

She said her home address and personal information as well as her son’s cellphone number were posted on Parler. 

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s (R) chief of staff, Daniel Scarpinato, told 12 News that the governor was aware of the threats against Hobbs.  

“We don’t condone threats against any elected officials and would provide any and all resources that are needed to ensure the secretary … and her family are safe and protected,” Scarpinato said.

2 thoughts on “Arizona secretary of state calls on Trump, members of Congress to stop ‘perpetuating misinformation’

  • That is very generous of the Governor to say that ‘he would provide’ whatever means of protection, I suppose. There really should not be a need for Secretary Hobbs to ask for help. She is the victim of a crime.

    Threatening other officials is a Class D or C felony, usually carrying maximum penalties of 5 or 10 years under 18 U.S.C. § 875,

    But being a GOP governor gives him that old excuse from the ’60s civil rights attacks; they are just good old boys. They don’t mean any harm. Remember? Every assault case was dismissed on this acount.

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    • Hello Cagjr. It is disheartening the state of our nation. This is third world stuff. A government official threatened over doing their job correctly. Don’t like the rules being followed, just scare off the ones doing the job, replace them with a crook who will break the laws in your favor. It clearly shows what the Republican party has become, a gang mob. They are a criminal gang willing to do what ever illegal act helps them gain power and money. They should be disbanded. The leaders of the party should stand up against this intimidation at least, but they wont because the biggest criminals are in charge. Hugs


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