5 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Some are giving their all to help us, please help them and observe Covid restrictions.

      • Fair enough. 😉 Really, my comment is more an indictment of the POTUS legal team more than anything else. The Mets are a chronically underachieving sports team, but the Mets have more than 1 win this year (I read that Trump’s legal team only has one win, and even that win doesn’t impact the ultimate outcome).

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    • Hello Nan. I was reading this morning that tRump has two goals, a make the election results such a mess he can get the votes over turned by the states, and to make it a forever stain on Biden’s term as president. If he can not have it , he plans to leave it broken. We will have to put up with this crap until the electors are certified, until the states say enough here is who won. It is all about what makes tRump feel good, not what is good for the country or our Democracy. Hugs

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