8 thoughts on “Obama goes in on Trump over refusal to concede

  • What a good man. It never ceases to enrage me that the intentions he had during his second period could so easily be nullified for no other reason that him being black. The Republicans as a group should be disbanded and not allowed to vote until they can show their votes can reflect an intent to put the Country first no matter who occupies the throne. Trump should be shown the door early since he’s not playing the game fairly.

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    • Hello David. I wish it could be so. It would improve the country so much. I am so shocked to find how many openly racist people we have in the US. I though the problem was going away. I thought education would cure it. Instead racism / bigotry has grown and is even more accepted in Republican circles. Hugs


        • Hello Nan. Sickening isn’t it? I grew up hoping for the utopian future I read in the books I smuggled in to read or hid in places I could get to so I could read them after the library closed. I looked to the few original Star Trek I could watch as a hope for a grand future. When I became an adult in charge of my own life I watched and read all of the utopian futures I could.

          Now I see all of that unravelling. I see the dark rising ( that was a great series I read as a kid ) and I see the worst people taking over everywhere. I wanted to think as a young person that our leaders wanted the best for the people and for the country. Now as an adult I see that the elected politicians are only concerned about their welfare, their needs, and their wants, and the rest of us are only tools and fools for them. It is very discouraging. Hugs

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          • Yes, discouraging. But Scottie … do NOT get buried under all the negativity that’s going on right now. Especially when we have little to no control. It’s frustrating to see what’s happening but we MUST remember that there’s both dark and light and the dark cannot stay around forever.

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            • Hello Nan. I understand, the saying is the pendulum swings both ways. However what makes that pendulum swing is the people driving it. That is why we must stay involved and why I post the information I do. I am a small part, a piece of the driving of the pendulum to the right again. As are you and all the rest of our community.

              I don’t see what I said as being despair. I see it as a true statement of reality. It is why we must fight. Our situation is very different from that of Hong Kong for example. The cause is lost there, and I doubted it was winnable anyway from the start. With tRump totally uncaring and not willing to pressure China the people had no chance.

              But we still have a chance, a good one. And we must get more and more control of the levers of power and we must use them to promote progressive laws to prevent what tRump and the Republicans are trying to do and have done. The trashing of our democracy, and the using of public office must not be allowed to continue. Laws with strict penalties must be passed and enforced. Well you know what I mean. Hugs


              • I totally understand where you’re coming from, Scottie. But sometimes, IMO, there comes a point where you just have to stand back a little (NOT all the way) and recognize that your frustration and anger and desire to educate is falling on deaf ears. As the “Good Book” says, there’s a season for everything … and right now I think we’re in a bit of a holding pattern.

                Once fat-ass gets over his tantrum and allows Biden to move forward, there’s little doubt you will have beaucoup reasons to push forward –and against– the Repukes because without a doubt they are going to do whatever they can to block any progress Biden tries to make.

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                • Hello Nan. tRump’s lawyer Sydney Powell, a real attorney by the way, told Lou Dobbs that all the swing states need to have their elections nullified, then their legislators told to name the state electors to tRump.

                  See they know those swing states had massive voter fraud because Biden was named the winner when everyone knows that trump won them. So the only solution is to void their elections and give the states to tRump.

                  I am not kidding, this lawyer calmly laid out that case as it if was a real thing that could and should be done.

                  I am still amazed at how openly these people are pushing to end democracy and install a ruler, a Dear Leader. And the cult seems to love the idea. Hugs

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