6 thoughts on “Senate Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat reacts to Trump firing election security official

  • If Senator Warner were the chairman rather than the ranking member, Donald Trump’s would never have been able to dump on our Republic.

    If a frog had wings, he would have a long beautiful tail rether than that little stumpy thing.

    I will repeat this as long as I feel ir is helpful to anyone. Trump and his GOP sycophants are carrying out a plan that was in place before the election (2016). “We will deconstrucet the administrative state.”

    Steve Bannon calls for the deconstruction of the administrative state:

    What is one more chairman or secretary? Every department head who would push back against Trump has been replaced by a patsy. Now, he has removed the head of the agency which probably prevented them being succesful in remaing in office. Now he and his henchmen are like a wounded bull, bent on inflicting as much damage as possible before going down.

    “Do not believe the “corporatist globalist media” that was “crying and weeping” on election night and is still “dead wrong” about what the Trump administration is doing. Inside the White House,” Mr. Bannon said,” everything is going according to plan. The “deconstruction of the administrative state” has just begun.”

    The consent decree was the result of the Democrats suing the Republicans for voter fraud in 1982. From 1982 to 2017 the GOP was held in check about false claims of voter fraud. Now that the agreement has been disolved, we see that they have immediatwly returned to their only chance to win: lie and cheat.
    The GOP who constantly cry “voter fraud” are the only party ever taken to court for “voter fraud.”

    Possibly, this cabal had expected their work to be finished by the end of this term. At the very least, they expected to have another four years in which to finish the job. All this horde of lawyers and pols have been planning this for a while.

    The fact that the Christian community annointed him ‘Messiah’ and ‘the man of God’ has certainly been a great boost.

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      • Hello Nan. As I just mentioned to Keith, what I have been reading today is more than normal politics, this is a direct political interference assault on our way of democracy. With the complete seeming acceptance of the Republican party that hopes to have more power if tRump wins and to also claim they did not support him if he fails. This is the real deal now, tRump has tried to talk Republican officials into violating laws or using their power to throw the election to him. That is not just a crime, it is a dictatorship. Hugs

        OT. Had my doctors appointment to find out what is going on. Very disappointing. We got testy with each other. He was not interested in anything else other than the scan showed I was getting fat deposits in my liver and he was insisting I cut out all pastas, bread, and everything not meat or fruit , but don’t eat fruit as your diabetic. Then he demanded I lose weight, something he does every visit even though my weight has not increased at all since I have seen him. But he is a small trim older OCD prick. He is so OCD he doesn’t even live in the real world. I had enough . I had written a paper up with the symptoms I have been dealing with for over 2 years and he just said he did not know. That was his answer. Don’t know. I said then we need a doctor that does. That got his attention. So I will be going to a new doctor soon to try to figure out what is happening. He is starting me with an endocrinologist. I will also try to start walking tomorrow, Ron says he will walk with me. Hugs


        • Re: your OT — I have a LOT of faith in endocrinologists because many “internal” problems are directly related to the things they deal with. I’ve had two of them over the years and benefitted from both of them in that they TALKED to me about what was going on. They took the time to explain test results and then went over with me WHY actions/medicine would/might help in the long run.

          Other providers just talk “around” the problems and you walk away from the appointment not knowing much more than you did when you went in. Unfortunately, after a couple of residential moves, plus the fact “good” docs aren’t accepting new patients, I have an FNP who essentially does what I just wrote. The only advantage is cost-savings since practitioners don’t/can’t charge as much. Oh well. sigh


          • Hello Nan. I am sorry you do not have your good doctor. I had a doctor who was interested in finding out what was going on, but like you I had to change from him. This doctor I have now is a simple number man. He is OCD about the lab results. If they are OK he ignores everything else. This time I pushed the issues hard. He simply threw the ball to someone else. I really hope this works. I have only been up for 2 1/2 hours and ready to go back to bed. I am at a loss. Hugs


            • IMO, your current doc isn’t all that much different than many others. They rely totally on lab results and when the patient expresses other concerns, they “listen but don’t hear.” Good endocrinologists are hard to find. Good luck!

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