The Washington Post: Reversal in Michigan adds to string of Trump’s legal losses

Reversal in Michigan adds to string of Trump’s legal losses
The limited victory for the president’s campaign arrived amid a string of failures in its beleaguered effort to overturn the result of the election through the courts.

Read in The Washington Post:

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6 thoughts on “The Washington Post: Reversal in Michigan adds to string of Trump’s legal losses

  • It must be a real pisser, being Trump. Guiliana isn’t fit to be selling pencils, yet Trump puts him in charge of all his lawyers, filing all these lawsuits which, apparently, have no basis. Public attention is all they are getting, and the MSM should quit giving them coverage. The only public opinion that matters was decided on 11/03. Losers.

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    • Hello Cagjr. tRump is in the destroy it mode. If he can not have it he wants to leave it broken or pooped on for others. He is not interested in fair play or what is best for the country. He is a grudge holding vindictive asshole. Hugs

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        • Hello Nan. That is what really bothers me. 72 million people voted for tRump. Yes 80 million plus and still counting voted for Biden, but we have to deal with those 72 million people who think tRump is great and needed a second term.

          Now of that 72 million not all are cult member, some are just misinformed or lazy or wealthy and want a more dystopian future. But they say about 32% of the population is die hard racist conspiracy theories believing tRump cult members. I have seen numbers as high as 40% and as low as 28%. But when you look at the subsection of just Republican voters, that number becomes nearly 88% or higher. Some say really higher. That is the number tRump keeps touting and why the rest of the Republican betas are terrified of tRump ( and why he is and will keep being the party leader ) because if tRump tells them to vote against someone in a primary, the entire cult of tRump will do so, and that is why the party really is the party of tRump.

          It is why I keep saying the Republicans need a new party name, or they will be entangled with tRump for a long time. I posted a video of a a right wing media person calling for the maga party.

          Nan even after Biden takes office, tRump has poisoned the well as they say. Biden has to try to convince half the population he is not only the real legitimate president but that science is really correct, but he will have to fight a congress of Republicans still afraid of tRump supporters. So our way of Democracy is still hanging on thin threads.

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