2 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRump is a loser and even he knows it

  • Scottie, I just wrote this comment on David’s blogpost, so I will repeat it here. For all his bluster, Trump has the most fragile of egos. He cannot stand losing, which is why his history includes deceit, cheating and even corruption. His attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen testified under oath, that “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con-artist and he is a cheat.” His comments were dismissed by sycophants as he was going to jail for lying. But, what he lied about before was to protect Trump. So, telling the truth gets you ignored (or in many cases fired and Chris Krebs was the latest truthteller to find out). I have long viewed Trump with an image of a toddler who won’t let anyone else play with his sand toys in the playground sand box. Then he runs home to his mother crying, saying no one will play with me. Yet, the more recent visual I have settled on is Trump is Lewis Carroll’s Queen of Hearts. “Off with his head,” you can hear him think as he fires yet one more person or denigrates a reporter or critic. At the end of this, if this deceitful and corrupt acting president is able to stay in power, the US will become a mere shell of itself. It will let a egomaniacal ruler “burn everything down to avoid losing” as his niece Mary recently said of her Uncle. To me, this is all about his inability to stand losing. That is not a strength. That is a weakness. Why 72 million Americans thought this person deserved four more years is truly beyond me. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Well said. It is stunning to me how much tRump and his crew were able to destroy or mangle in just four years. I also did not understand the depth of the racism and bigotry in the country that tRump tapped into. The total lack of caring about reality in order to instead bask in emotional highs I wouldn’t have believed possible if I had not seen it. tRump alone is one thing, everything is all about him and how it benefits him, but I never thought all the Republican office holders would endorse it / him also. It will take more than four years to fix all of this, we know now the foundations were crumbling, everything will have to be rebuilt. Hugs

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