NBC News: As COVID-19 hospitalizations soar, states struggle to find enough beds and staff

As COVID-19 hospitalizations soar, states struggle to find enough beds and staff
In other coronavirus news: the much-anticipated Pfizer vaccine uses a new kind of technology and hundreds of University of Connecticut students are in quarantine.

Read in NBC News: https://apple.news/Awn_gm-t_RmWe3NLY4SAdvA

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5 thoughts on “NBC News: As COVID-19 hospitalizations soar, states struggle to find enough beds and staff

  • Ahhhh, but the (very knowledgeable about viruses) RADIOLOGIST that heads up Trump’s coronavirus team says it all A-OK. All under control. Just go ahead and enjoy life.

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    • Hello Nan. DeSantis the governor here in Florida is totally in to the herd immunity and demanding everyone ignore the science. Even as things get ever more desperate here he is saying he wont mandate any measure while also preventing any lower elected officials from implementing any protective measures. Lucky for us the large corporations are asking masks but again not enforcing, but they have mostly stopped all the disinfecting efforts. We are screwed. Ron and I are again going to look into delivery of groceries. It is hard to understand the total lack of care about the rising deaths. The only way I can figure it is the desperation of the state for money, both sales taxes and visitor money. Kill the serfs to feed the overlords coffers. Hugs

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  • Just read this in a newsletter I get from New Scientist — talking about the vaccine trials …

    However, these trials will not give us all the answers we might want around safety and effectiveness, writes Graham Lawton. One issue is that success in the trials is defined as preventing mild symptoms such as coughs and fevers. That tells us next to nothing about whether the vaccine is stopping infected people from getting really sick. More than three-quarters of deaths caused by covid-19 are in people over the age of 65, but they can be poorly represented in trials. Another key question the current trials are too small to answer is whether a vaccine prevents people from catching and transmitting the virus.

    Notice the part about “next to nothing” and the last sentence.

    Everyone has high hopes about the vaccine and of course, you can’t blame them, but few discuss the reality that, at this point, a vaccine isn’t going to suddenly make the virus -poof- go away.

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    • Hello Nan. What happened to the country so far ahead in technology and science that we put humans on the moon? Decades / generations of right wing Republicans and religious leaders attacks on public education have done their work, transforming a quarter of the population into reality denying science hating morons.

      I hate what tRump has done to the vaccine. He has made it a prop for his election and diminished it’s value for medical purposes. Hopefully the Biden team can slow things down enough to install trust in the data and testing for the people, and convince people to take the vaccine. Hugs

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