Newsmax Host Calls For Creation Of “MAGA Party”

“We need a new party. Democrats aren’t cutting it, and quite frankly, I don’t think the Republicans are cutting it. At least a lot of them are just mailing it in. The ‘MAGA Party’ — a party about ideas, the Constitution, opportunity, liberty.

“Term limits, the Second Amendment, and canceling the deep state and the federal bureaucracy. There are some good people, but let’s face it. It is big and bloated, and all kinds of waste could be cut away.

“I think it’s something that deserves serious, serious consideration in this country.” – Newsmax host Greg Kelly, who has spent the week amplifying the most insane election conspiracy claims.

5 thoughts on “Newsmax Host Calls For Creation Of “MAGA Party”

  • Fine, let them cut the vote even further, they won’t have enough voters to give them a win. Many people will stay as Republican as they aren’t followers of Trump. Two small parties and one large one.

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    • Hello David. I have often said the Republican party had died and it was now the party of tRump. Others tell me there are still moderate Republicans who are good people. I don’t buy it. If they claimed to be Republican with tRump as the head of the party , they are suspect at best with me.

      But this idea gives everyone an out. tRump can lead the maga base party, and Republicans can establish their own identity. Like you say it will leave both too weak to win many seats. The interesting thing to watch is will the maga Republicans in congress switch to the maga party. People like Jim Jordan? The Republican howler monkeys. Hugs

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  • Scottie, I kind of thought that is what we already had. The party voted on no platform in Charlotte, so as one reporter said, the platform is whatever Trump wants it to be. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. I think this would solve the issue of who controls the Republican party and what is the Republican party. Right now there are two different groups claiming ownership of the name Republican. Technically the ownership is tRump, and it is the party of tRump. As president tRump is the highest member of the party. But if the maga people take on the label of Maga party then the old non-tRump Republicans can have the name back. But the Maga base will still be the ones picking the Republican nominees forcing them further right and ever more extreme, who will lose in the general elections. Or both parties will put up candidates but also be too weakened to win in the general elections. Either way I like it. Hugs


      • On the other hand, it appears no one is owning this mess orchestrated and created by the outgoing president. I saw where Lou Dobbs was critical of the attorney, but he should also be critical of the person who hired her.

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