Brian Brown Lays Out Path To Overturning Obergefell


Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

With the addition of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, we at NOM believe there is now a strong majority on the Court to overturn Obergefell if the right case is brought before it. We are determined to do just that, but we need your help.

The strategy behind trying to bring a case before the US Supreme Court to overturn the Obergefell gay ‘marriage’ ruling is complex. We can’t simply file a lawsuit and ask the Court to take it up.

First, we need to present a real and present controversy that requires a judicial ruling to resolve. What that issue might be requires a great deal of thought and coordination with allies and policymakers in several key states.

It could be a state law passed by a supportive Legislature, an executive order or regulation issued by a supportive Governor, or possibly even a law enacted directly by voters via a ballot measure. Our team is working hard to evaluate all the options.

We also must consider the judicial territory where the controversy arises and the path it would take to get before the Supreme Court.

Because lower courts are bound to follow the Supreme Court’s Obergefell precedent, we know that we will likely lose in the lower courts.

We will need a situation where an official party who has standing to appeal will be able to press the case forward to the Supreme Court.

Of course, we also need to consider the political and public opinion environment in which this sort of case will be debated, and the financial resources that can be devoted to supporting the effort. We have a lot of work to do, and we urgently need your help to be successful.

Thanks to the matching gift fund that has been made available to us through the end of the year, we can get a head start on this critical work if you will help with a generous donation that will immediately be 100% matched.

Can I count on you at this important time, knowing that your donation will DOUBLE in size and impact?

So how can a person be so happy to take rights and happiness from others? There is nothing about my marriage that harms Brown, yet his mission is to make my marriage illegal. Hugs

6 thoughts on “Brian Brown Lays Out Path To Overturning Obergefell

    • Hello inspiredbythedivine1. Yes, especially with the tRump appointees on the 11th circuit forcing a circuit split on the issue of forcing kids into gay conversion therapy. These haters and religious nuts are wasting no time trying to set the country back to 1950. The thing I do not get is why? What does it matter to Brown if same sex people get married? How does it hurt him? It seems he thinks it makes his god cry, but that is his gods problem. Maybe it is a grift, but these people have taken their shit show denying the rights of LGBTQ+ people all over the world which takes a lot of time, energy , and money. I wonder what it means to be so full of hate. Hugs

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    • Hello Nan. Even if he is just grifting, it is still causing a lot of harm. Plus it is inciting even more hate when we really don’t need any more inciting to anger in this country. As I asked inspiredbythedivine1, what is in it for these people, what do they gain by taking rights away from others. What do they gain by being assholes to other people? Is that really what makes their god happy? When all the doom and gloom predictions about how god was going to destroy the country, no straight people would get married and have kids, and every other horror if the country legalized same sex marriage, none of which came true or happened then you think they would have sunk quietly back into their holes under rocks. None of the bad things happened, other than they freaked out about men in dresses reading stories to kids, but I call that Sunday school kids lessons in church. Anyway. Hugs


  • Hi Scottie. Nan is right. Bigotry. Religious bigotry. The same bigotry that supported slavery. The same bigotry that denies every other religion. Most religions have that trait, of course.

    They call themselves Christian, but they try to enforce the laws of Moses, which their beloved Christ did away with. They operate under that confusion and try to make all of us subject to it, as though there were no Constitution of the United States. If Muslims were trying to enforce some sharia law, they would go bugshit crazy. We are subject to the laws of the United States of America, not the God of the Christians or any other religion.

    I use to think it was because they thought equality was a limited resource they had to protect. No. Pure bigotry. You would probably have to be a straight Christian Nationalist white-supremacist asshole to understand their views. Maybe, being a victim of it, you already do. It is the same idealism that wants to do away with public education, democratic government, and turn the Republic into a Theocracy.

    I was a long time understanding all the things involved in equality for LGBTQ. The legal stuff. When you think about what you would lose in a straight relationship if you were suddenly outlawed and made a pariah in society, then you know ignorance is in the way of empathy. It’s a new kind of freedom when we lay aside all the religious indoctrination that taught us all our prejudices.

    Those religious folks who are gay or lesbian must live a sad life; trying to hold on to their religion and live any kind of a happy life. I know people in that predicament. Also, they’re Republicans. Damn. Talk about jumping the flames!

    I’m hoping Biden has a Democratic Congress, that we can have some progressive legislation, that we can all enjoy an equal place in the sun

    Like a long lonely stream
    I keep runnin’ towards a dream
    Movin’ on, movin’ on
    Like a branch on a tree
    I keep reachin’ to be free
    Movin’ on, movin’ on’

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    • Hello Cagjr. Well said. I was just asking both Nan and Jeff what was in this for people like Brown? How does such hate grow and fester against all reason in a person?

      Sadly I am watching a clip of Rick Wiles rant against and call for violence against trans people. I posted in the past about the drag queen story hours and how the parents and kids loved them yet religious people would storm in and terrorize the kids. To a point where a lot of libraries had to stop having them. These religious leaders screaming hate about men in dresses and dressed up in costumes never seem to look at the get ups and dress codes of all the upper religious groups. Now there is some wild outfits. Did they never look at paintings of Jesus and disciples, a bunch of guys in dresses? They never volunteer to do the story hours for the children, they just don’t want others they do not like doing them.

      Anyway, it seems for a generation or two they will get their way, until a better educated understanding class of people can be installed on the courts of the US. If our democracy lasts that long. Hugs

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