MO Health Official Resigns Due To Threats By Cultists

So the cult of tRump is really the criminal maga gang.   Don’t get your own way, don’t get something you want, just terrorize those you dislike.   Just like drug gangs in the central American countries.   Don’t bother with rules of law and respect for other peoples families.  Great patriots right?   Real heroes to scare mothers and children.  Hugs

“I’ve had strange cars driving back and forth past my house. I get threatening messages from people saying they’re watching me.

“They followed my family to the park and took pictures of my kids. How insane is that?

“I know it’s my job to be out front talking about the importance of public health — educating people, keeping them safe. Now it kind of scares me.

“The police here have been really great. The elementary school says they’re watching over my kids and they’re on high alert. I have a security system now at my house.

“I locked down my email and took all my family photos off of Facebook, but you start wondering: Is this worth it? Could anything possibly be worth it?

“I don’t go out in public very much anymore. It’s work and then back home. I don’t want to be recognized. I don’t want my kids to see any of that hate.

“The one place where I had to draw the line was that my son plays baseball, and honestly, his games are the most normal I’ve felt all year.

“But then, a little while ago, somebody took a photo at a game of me with my daughter. We were outside and social-distanced, so we weren’t wearing masks.

“The photo got posted all over social media, and it was the usual comments. Bitch. Communist. Hypocrite.” – Missouri health official Amber Elliot, who resigned yesterday.


7 thoughts on “MO Health Official Resigns Due To Threats By Cultists

  • This is MORE than frightening! And to think it all relates back to a man that We the People (at least some of the people) elected to the highest office of the land. More than frightening.

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    • Hello Nan. When I read this I got thinking of the Republican party claiming for decades to be the party of law and order. tRump claims to be the law and order president. Of course we know they mean the dog whistle racist law and order meaning that black people will not be allowed to have equal treatment as whites and won’t be allowed to be uppity.

      But really this is how badly broken the US system of law enforcement and justice is, when government officials are forced by gangs to quit their jobs to protect their families. Reminds me of countries with drug cartel gangs. Hugs

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  • This is so sad Scottie, this professional young lady hounded out of a job where she has been doing her best to look after the people of her County, mainly Republicans I understand. People who when politely asked to mask up for the sake of others use it as an excuse to bring out the guns yet again and threaten her and her children. Such adults in St Francois County.

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    • Hello David. What does it say about what the US has become. This is third world shit, this is what happens in countries with drug cartel gangs. This is something that happens in failing nation states. Hugs


  • people really suck this year.
    What is wrong with these folks, seriously?
    They’ll certainly be whining in 30 years when we have no economy because China’s taken all the higher tier jobs because our kids don’t know critical thinking and are being taught superstition is supreme.

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    • Chatty, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the blogger that goes by the handle of Professor Taboo, but he is an ARDENT supporter of education. He would no doubt stand and applaud your statement.

      And I agree with it too. 😊

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. The lower class won’t have the education to know or deal with that. The upper class wants a two tier system. Great education for their kids so they can be the top management levels at all big companies and the political rulers. A sucky education system that produces workers with just enough ability to do the jobs demanded of them and so little education to challenge the system.

      The upper class wants the lower class to have so little they are willing to take however little the upper class is willing to give them and not complain about job conditions.

      That is a sick society that was killing the US back at the start of the industrial revolution. It produced robber barons and havoc in society to the point the government had to step in to fix it. Large corporations have hated that every since FDR and the new deal. Hugs

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