Peter Navarro: Nobody Disputes That China Sent Out Hundreds Of Thousands Of People To “Seed That Virus”

What absolute horseshit!   Is anyone else sick of these maga cult spewing hateful lies and misinformation in an attempt to change reality and please the Dear Leader?  Is anyone else sick of the US being a third or fourth world country with State Propaganda media networks.   tRump learned well from Putin and Kim Jung Un.    Hugs

“President Trump’s going to get a second term. Every time I wake up in the morning and see the cases surging, I think, why the hell aren’t people more angry at communist China for infecting us with this virus?

“They are killing people here, and yet we see the mainstream media just won’t go there, we see the Democrat Party won’t go there.

“It was spawned in November in China,most likely in one of their bio weapons labs, we don’t know if it escaped intentionally or not, but that doesn’t matter.

“What matters, Eric, is that they hid it for 60 days. During that time, they locked down their entire country because they knew it was dangerous.

“They didn’t want their own people infected, and they sent hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationals around the world on gleaming aircraft to go and seed that virus.

“Nobody disagrees with that fact, Eric.” – Trump trade advisor Peter Navarro, speaking last night on Eric Bolling’s Newsmax show.


9 thoughts on “Peter Navarro: Nobody Disputes That China Sent Out Hundreds Of Thousands Of People To “Seed That Virus”

  • Scottie, I have shared with my wife how I detest smug folks who start a sentence with “Everybody knows” or its companion “Nobody disputes.” These are phrases used to make sure no one question the inane thing the speaker is about to say. The outgoing president is famous for this. When people hear these words, dig further. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Yes it is code for saying do not question what I am about to say. I get so angry when people tell you what you know or don’t know. tRump always tells reporters or interviewers that they know he is right, or he makes a claim and says they know it is true regardless of how nutty it is. It is belittling to tell someone else what they know. It also is rude and self aggrandizing. Hugs

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      • Scottie, I am quite certain Trump is not tweeting out real facts like he has lost two dozen voter fraud lawsuits, winning only a small one that tossed a few votes or Republican election officials are saying there is no wide spread fraud, he fired Chris Krebs for saying the election was secure or that he has planned what he is doing now for six months. Keith

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  • It was spawned in November in China, most likely in one of their bio weapons labs,

    As with all things tRump … proclamations with NO PROOF. Just because he said it (or even hinted at it), it’s true. Or even more so … because a conspiracy source said it, it must really be true!

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    • Hello Nan. Yes, even more so when you learn that Navarro is rabidly anti-China. He wrote books slamming China with quotes from people he made up. He would make up a name, either tweet from it, or blog with it, or even write letters or articles to right wing media, then quote those sources in his books. The guy really hates China for some reason. Hugs


      • MANY people associate China with communism, but from my limited knowledge, I get the impression “democratic” ideas and people do exist within the country. In other words, the ruling regime may be communist, but the Chinese people don’t ALL support that position. Obviously Navarro, as well as multitudes of Trump supporters, are unable to accept science over their personal prejudices.

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  • Nobody disputes it because it didn’t happen. “Everybody knows” by now that Coronaviruses have been around for ages and men have recognized them for centuries. It was not created in a lab. Blaming the Chinese does bo remove Trump’s obligation to launch an assault against it. How many times has the influenza virus mutated? Chemists try to keep a vaccine available to defend against it.
    They will do the same with covid-19. Navarro thinks all of us are like their Republican supporters: stupid and determined to stay that way. These are the same kind of people who used to burn people for the display of intelligence. They burn ‘witches’ on a whim.

    End of rant.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I like the rant. Navarro is a well known China hater. He has written books in which he would make up fake hate quotes from fake people about how horrible China was. And yes he doesn’t care about anyone listening but the maga cult and tRump. All of these White House people are playing to an audience of one, the Dear Leader who watches TV all the time. As long as tRump is happy with their full on outright lies, all is good. Hugs


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