7 thoughts on “What are the children learning?

    • Hello Brendan. Yes it is hard on the non tRump cult parents, but imagine being in a trump cult follower family. How do you praise up tRump and what he does while controlling / teaching your child? How do you handle the child’s teachers calling to tell you that they refuse to learn the lessons calling them fake news or that the child is just claiming they passed the test while insisting the teacher record an A+ grade? Hugs

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    • Hello Nan. As I mentioned to Brendan, imagine being a maga parent praising trump yet being confronted with your kid in school doing the same things and having the same temper meltdowns? What the heck does a tRump supporter say when the kids say well the president does it and you love him. Hugs

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      • Scottie, that is an excellent question. Apparently, too many evangelicals do not care that this “God-ordained” person is teaching their kids to do the opposite of WWJD. It is OK to lie, to bully, to name call, to denigrate, to sexually assault someone (“because they let you get away with it” per the God-ordained person), to cheat and to flout the laws of the land. And, now it is OK to not be accountable or responsible. Keith

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