4 thoughts on “When did the US become a North Korea look a like?

    • Hello Ali. Think of the way he put it? The guy is having a rough time, lets name the vaccine aver him it would be a nice thing to do. Like you would humor a little kid. This is not how you talk of dealing with an adult. But this is the level of SPTV and their Dear Leader. Hugs

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  • Why do they give people like Geraldo any on-air exposure? He has proven himself. He belongs in the same cell as Glenn Beck and Rudolph Giuliani. Why is he sucking up again? It’s over, Geraldo.

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    • Hello Cagjr. He once was a respected Journalist I am told. I never heard of him until he was already the butt of the joke. I don’t know why he is on SPTV they are clearly bigots that really don’t give what he says much weight. Hugs

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