2 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRump lost, he is a one term president and even he knows it

  • By the way, Michael Beschloss (sic), a presidential historian, noted the Rudy G’s waving of papers at the press conference when he spoke of Venezuela having a hand in stealing the election, is out of the Senator Joe McCarthy communist witch hunt playbook. And, who was an advisor to both McCarthy and a young Donald Trump – an attorney named Roy Cohn. Cohn’s advice to Trump per his biographers was “never apologize and sue everyone.” Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Yes I was thinking the same thing. They have come full circle. I guess they were playing to tRump and to the maga cult, because most of what they said was either an outright lie or did not make sense. How the heck did Hugo Chavez who died in 2013 have a hand in the fraud causing tRump to lose? Yes tRump’s lawyers were claiming he had a part in all of this. What I heard of the press conference was bizarre. Hugs


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