Trump Skips Virtual G-20 Pandemic Summit For Golf

Trump Skips Virtual G-20 Pandemic Summit For Golf

CNN reports:

It does not appear President Trump will participate in a side-event at the G20 virtual summit focused on pandemic preparedness. The event — which is due to begin this hour — will feature remarks from the leaders of Germany, France, South Korea and Argentina.

The goal of the event is to “foster international cooperation and to find solutions that protect people’s lives and livelihoods,” the Saudi release says. Trump has just arrived at his golf course in Virginia and does not appear on the list of speakers at the event.

12 thoughts on “Trump Skips Virtual G-20 Pandemic Summit For Golf

  • But it was a real nice day to golf. One thing is for certain, he did not check his cheating at the gate of the country club. “Put me down for a five.” But, sir you had an eight….People who cheat at golf usually cheat off the course.

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    • Hello Keith. Did you read that book written about him cheating at golf?

      Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump
      Book by Rick Reilly

      He even cheated against a kid. He was so blatant about it that it was a running joke. They told how he puts up that he is the club champion. Before the club opens tRump plays the course, claims that was the tournament and he won. Then has a plaque made up to celebrate his win posted prominently. He has been a cheating fraud all his life. Hugs

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      • Scottie, I had read he cheated at golf, but did not know there was a book about it. None of what you wrote surprises me. One of my favorite cheating stories involves him buying a building in the1970s with an ornamental, hand crafted facade. He was ordered by a Judge to have artisans dismantle it and save it for a museum. Reportedly, Trump had illegal immigrants strip down the facade in the middle of the night as it was far cheaper and faster than hiring artisans. What must be done with Trump is to show him his actions will haunt or hurt him. The relative silence only empowers this narcissistic bent person. Keith

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    • Hello Nan. I am watching a CBS clip about the Georgia certification of the vote. After getting the hand recount he wanted and still losing tRump has tweeted ( of course the official proclamations of the king ) “Big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia. Stay Tuned”. He is ridiculous in very way and getting more absurd. Well it is time for me to go to bed and forget tRump / politics for the night.

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      • I’m looking forward to the day when we can permanently forget Trump! (Why do I have this feeling it’s never going to happen?) Unfortunately, politics will be around forever.

        Hope you have a good night!

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        • Good Morning Nan. Milo wanted me up a bit after three this morning. I know this because after dancing on my pillow with no effect, then tapping my back, he decided to escalate to sitting on my shoulder. It was so clear he was trying to keep me from sleeping that Ron was laughing out loud. As it would be hard to go back to sleep I gave in. Let’s start the day. Hugs


  • There isn’t much need to rant at this stage. Unless we pour it onto his enablers. It doesn’t seem like they are upholding him now because they fear his retribution. I think now it is the fact that the general public has seen what the GOP values are and they have come to the point of do or die.

    Trump cannot show empathy. I don’t think it is because he thinks it is a sign of softness. I think it is just not a part of his being. There are just things missing from his emotional and mental makeup. He just does not relate to humans. Therefore I cannot relate to him. For those who think he needs time to grieve and lick his wounded ego, if you have come to this point and still have a need to support him, there is probably no hope for you either. The rest of the world is not obligated to accept your bigotry.
    Remember your chant in 2017? suck it up, losers.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I think they are supporting tRump because they want power. They want the power ending democracy gives them. They want the power that not answering to the people. In the Wisconsin recount that tRump wanted, his observers are simply objecting to every ballot. Every ballot. Remember this is largely POC and Democratic areas they are recounting and so their votes must not be counted for any reason. The election officials are really frustrated with all the delaying tactics as it seems clear it is to delay it enough that they miss the deadlines giving the legislature the right to appoint the state to tRump. So much for the right to vote. Hugs


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