4 thoughts on “A truly vile person

  • Trump will probably be in a psychiatric ward some time after he leaves the White House. He should be studied by professionals for quite a while.

    I would like to know what kind of emotional/mental state a person would have to be in to think they would have to defend their character or credibility against a pandemic as though expecting it will reflect badly on him. He allowed the virus to rage to protect the image he has of himself and apparently thinks we all should share.

    Has the family stepped in to try to help him? Probably the strongest bond in that family is the business interest which may now be worthless.

    But the family is not responsible for what he has done to our nation. That required the assistance of most of the GOP legislature, from Moscow Mitch to Devious Devin Nunes. Willingly or through coercion, they were his enablers. Their goals were not for the greater good but for personal and party gain. They are as responsible for the 260,216 covid deaths as Trump, and it is high time to be calling them out for it.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Well said. Why is a wealthy man called eccentric and an poor man crazy?

      In the tRump universe everything revolves around tRump, no matter how far out. tRump is always the shining bright object in the center of everything. Bow down and worship the tRump.

      The Republicans in congress are more than enablers, they are more responsible for this mess than tRump. Even high lord of evil McConnell bowed down and gave their power to the tRump. This needs to be hung around the neck of every Republican. We must never let them forget how much they betrayed democracy and the US itself for the trappings of power. Hugs

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  • Posters should be stuck on hoardings in all red states and Georgia just to show how easily the Republicans manipulate them. and what evil happens when they do. In Georgia they need a mind of their own.

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    • Hello David. I am not sure if the maga would read them nor understand them. Anything they do not want to believe they seem able to just pretend is not there. Strange way to go through reality, just ignore dangers in your area because your Dear Leader told you to. Hugs

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