5 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRump & crew are trying to kill our democracy

  • Scottie, a thought came to mind using the words of the outgoing president. “Are you tired of winning?” The Trump campaign has lost over two dozen court cases of voter fraud winning only one small case that threw out a few votes. After he is forced to exit the presidency, he needs to get used to the following press coverage. ‘The former president has said without proof….” Keith

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    • Hello keith. I look forward to the days when he can not bully reporters without push back anymore. The reporting on him will have a much different tone when media companies are not worried about losing access as they are now. Hugs

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  • Great collection today Scottie. I’m going to print out the diet one and put it on my refrigerator door so maybe I can start using the recommended amounts also. Of course, if I do this I’ll have to remember to use only one helping of the recommended amount each meal and not try for seconds, thirds, fourths,…..

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    • Hello Angela. I never could understand those serving size suggestions. Like three cookies or 8 chips. I couldn’t ever stick to them, and I don’t eat like I use to. I wish you the best on your cutting back, I have never been very good at it. Hugs

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      • I’m okay at cutting back for a time but my choice of what to serve isn’t always the best. My favorite meal is a bag of bbq chips and a cherry coke. Not exactly on the list of nutritious food but it sure is good. And when followed by ice cream it gets even better. As for the 3 cookies, I bake my own so 3 is usually more than I can eat at one time. Who says you have to use a tablespoon of dough when you have a huge cooking spoon closer to the counter than the teaspoons in the drawer across the room. Hugs!

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