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    • Hello Nan. I never understood how wearing a mask became a freedom issue. After all these very issues were raised in the grand seat belt wearing debate of the 1980’s and it lost the argument. Wearing a seatbelt is something the government can legally require and force you to do. But more than that, I keep going back to the government requires you to wear certain clothing in public and that is not an issue of freedom. Well there are places that are challenging the requirement for females to wear breast coverings where males don’t have to do so. But if the government can require you legally to cover one area of your body for the public good then they can require you to cover another area specifical your mouth and nose. What is wrong with the reasoning ability of these people?

      This entire thing has taken on a religious cult significance. The face mask seen as an idol of a false god, the icon of a different religion. It not only must not be worn but must be destroyed when ever encountered. WTF is wrong with people in the US. Hugs


      • Of course your points are spot-on. BUT! With mask-wearing, it’s become a defiance issue simply because of … wait for it … TRUMP.

        We all know he’s downplayed the virus from the beginning and repeatedly reinforced his position over the months and his supporters being who/what they are, they take his word as “gospel.”

        Human nature being what it is … people do NOT like being told what to do. That’s pretty much the sum total of ALL restrictions placed on us. And as has been proven, many individuals never give in.

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        • Hello Nan. As I said the masks have taken on the religious icon significance of faith to the Dear Leader.

          OT. Nan are you still having the like issue? I found the white box you keep saying flashes up then goes away. It is the sign in box as I suspected.

          This morning I decided to clean up the computers and reset the network adapters before I started all my morning stuff. Normally the first thing I do is sign back on to WordPress then move on. This time I did not do that but opened the mail and pulled up a couple blogs I read. I went to like the first one, got the sign in box, signed in, the box went away and the like showed. I closed that and went to the next blog. I read it and clicked like. In the upper left corner there was a quick flash of a white box that went away, then the like showed. That is almost what you discribe. I went to my blog and noticed it still had me signed out, I signed in, went to try the likes and it worked without the box flash. Hugs


          • Yes, this is pretty much what I’ve been experiencing. When I use Chrome, I get the white box flash and nothing else happens — and the “like” doesn’t show. When I use Edge, I get the flash and then the screen reloads and the “like” shows.

            The thing is, these actions don’t happen on every blog — some of them accept the “like” immediately, others must go through the flash box. Ridiculous.

            It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with me “signing in” to my blog. I think the way I have my system set up, I stay signed in all the time.

            It’s a pain in the you-know-where to have to use two different browsers (I have Chrome much more personalized), but I guess it is what it is.

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            • Hello Nan. I really think it is a browser issue. Once I signed in it stopped. Your browser is not remembering the sign in on some sites. I recommend removing Chrome, running your CC cleaner, and also your antivirus, restart your computer, run your CC cleaner again, then install chrome again. Then make sure it is up to date. That should fix the problem.

              Now if it was me I would back up the data on to a secondary hard drive, and do a factory reinstall. Then go through the settings to block all the privacy stealing stuff automatically set to yes Microsoft can have all my data, then install your programs you use and set them up with your passwords and settings, then run all your cleaners and everything should be as good as it gets with your machine. But that is me. Let me know what you decide to do and how it works out. Hugs


              • Scottie, if I remove Chrome wouldn’t I lose everything? I have “favorites” out the ying-yang, plus all sorts of stored links to here and there. It doesn’t seem to me that this is the route I want to take … !! Or would everything come back with a new install?

                One other thing — I do have the latest Chrome version.

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                • Hello Nan. Do you have a gmail account and do you sign into chrome? If you are signed into chrome and all your passwords and fav places are saved ( synced ) to your name then they are always there no matter what device you use chrome on whenever you sign into chrome. You can tell by using your second device, laptop or pad, and going to chrome and if not signed in then sign in with your gmail account. Then check to see if your stuff is there. Hugs


  • Very good point.
    Everybody in the OR wears a mask.
    Everybody in the nursery wears a mask.
    Everybody with a living left cortex wears a mask.
    Troglodytes don’t wear a mask.
    MAGA hats don’t wear a mask.
    Fundamentalist Christians don’t wear a mask.

    “Wearing a mask is not a political statement. It is an I.Q. test.”

    My cousin posted a message: “Be sure to bring up politics at the Thanksgiving table. You won’t have to buy near as many Christmas gifts.”

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  • Well, nobody has to take a plane everywhere. Or anywhere at all. That’s the difference. & from where I’m sitting, it’s a pretty big difference.

    But yeah, complaining about wearing a mask during a PANDEMIC is really childish & selfish, at this point, I wish those folks would grow the F up already.

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    • Hello Polly. It may seem that it is a large difference but not so much really these day. Very little going out in person today is essential. Some service sector jobs, and medical issues mostly. Groceries can be selected online and delivered, take out food can either be gotten without getting out of your car or delivered, shopping even from local stores can be done online. I am a person who doesn’t go out, I do everything including my interactions with others online and it doesn’t bother me. My spouse not so much, he likes to deal with people and go do his shopping in person. But that is a choice he makes and he wears his mask and uses safe practices including using hand sanitizer.

      I agree it is well past time they grow up. I agree with the rest of how you describe them as well. Hugs


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