4 thoughts on “One person’s needed program is another person’s bail out

    • Hello David. Anyone that supports Nunes for any job needs to seriously look into mental health. I think only the maga support him as craven as he is. Hugs


  • Fossil fuels

    religious and private schools

    churches which are tax-exempt receive bailout grants



    No tax on Federally owned petroleum
    reserves (Taxpayer owned) leased to oil industry.


    Defense contractors

    Tulare, Ca.:
    This part of California, as it happens, is also heavily dependent on government subsidies, government-sanctioned water distribution rights, and undocumented labor.

    Devin Nunes (R) Ca. 22 Dist.
    Former Dairy Farmer.

    Of course, he knows how much of California is subsidized. California couldn’t survive without socialist programs and undocumented labor.

    It is only called ‘socialism’ when taxpayers stand to get some of the benefits their money buys for Exxon, General Electric, et al.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Privatizing profits and socializing losses refers to the practice of treating company earnings as the rightful property of shareholders, while losses are treated as a responsibility that society must shoulder. … But when the companies fail, the fallout—the losses and recovery—are the responsibility of the general public. Oct 1, 2019

      http://www.investopedia.com › Economy › Government & Policy

      Privatizing Profits And Socializing Losses Definition

      So as is normally for the governmental philosophy in the US, government must always serve the wealthy upper class while never working or assisting the lower class workers and poor. Hugs


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