Wisconsin officials: Trump observers obstructing recount


Election officials in Wisconsin’s largest county accused observers for President Donald Trump on Saturday of seeking to obstruct a recount of the presidential results, in some instances by objecting to every ballot tabulators pulled to count.

Trump requested the recount in Milwaukee and Dane counties, both heavily liberal, in hopes of undoing Democrat Joe Biden’s victory by about 20,600 votes. With no precedent for a recount reversing such a large margin, Trump’s strategy is widely seen as aimed at an eventual court challenge, part of a push in key states to undo his election loss.


A steady stream of Republican complaints in Milwaukee was putting the recount far behind schedule, county clerk George Christenson said. He said many Trump observers were breaking rules by constantly interrupting vote counters with questions and comments.

“That’s unacceptable,” he said. He said some of the Trump observers “clearly don’t know what they are doing.”

Tim Posnanski, a county election commissioner, told his fellow commissioners there appeared to be two Trump representatives at some tables where tabulators were counting ballots, violating rules that call for one observer from each campaign per table. Posnanski said some Trump representatives seemed to be posing as independents.

At one recount table, a Trump observer objected to every ballot that tabulators pulled from a bag simply because they were folded, election officials told the panel.

Posnanski called it “prima facie evidence of bad faith by the Trump campaign.” He added later: “I want to know what is going on and why there continues to be obstruction.”

Joe Voiland, a lawyer speaking to commission members on behalf of the Trump campaign, denied his side was acting in bad faith.

“I want to get to the point of dialing everything down … and not yelling at each other,” Voiland said.

At least one Trump observer was escorted out of the building by sheriff’s deputies Saturday after pushing an election official who had lifted her coat from an observer chair. Another Trump observer was removed Friday for not wearing a face mask properly as required.

Trump paid $3 million, as required by state law, for the partial recount that began Friday and must conclude by Dec. 1.

His team is seeking to disqualify ballots where election clerks filled in missing address information on the certification envelope where the ballot is inserted, even though the practice has long been accepted in Wisconsin.


The campaign also alleges thousands of absentee ballots don’t have proper written paperwork, and that some absentee voters improperly declared themselves “indefinitely confined,” a status that allows them to receive a ballot without photo ID. Those challenges were being rejected.

There have been at least 31 recounts in statewide elections in the U.S. since the most famous one in Florida’s presidential election in 2000. The recounts changed the outcome of three races. All three were decided by hundreds of votes, not thousands.


8 thoughts on “Wisconsin officials: Trump observers obstructing recount

  • I understand what the troglodytes are doing, but I don’t understand why election officials put up with it. Being an observer does not mean you may interfere and obstruct the process. Election laws are run by the state, not by juvenile losers.

    They chose precincts in areas that are known to be Democratic areas. Now if there was a heavy vote count for Democrats in a Republican-leaning area there may be a reason to question. This is just an exercise in harassment of a predominately Black/Minority area.

    I’m glad Wisconsin got their $3mil up-front.


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    • Hello Cagjr. Yes I was watching a panel video clip on CBS where they were discussing how this was a clearly racist attempt to deny voting rights to minorities and it had been done historically in the past also. It is clearly harassment meant to inspire the tRump base. What tRump can not have he will destroy for anyone else in the future. The base may not realize how much democracy has been chipped and eroded over the last couple decades by Republicans, but you can bet the leaders of the Republican think tanks are using everything tRump is doing to erode democracy even further and establish their rule. Hugs

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  • Nothing surprises. If you cannot win, then lie, sue, bully, cheat. Does it not even enter people’s heads they should be embarrassed to cheat like this? It does not enter the president’s. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. You mentioned people are no longer embarrassed about openly doing things like this. When did that happen in our country? People use to keep the quiet parts … well quiet. They use to keep their intentions on the down low. Now they are open about trying to break laws, to enforce racism, to disregard norms of society, and simply disregarding anything that doesn’t give them what they want. They are open about their wants coming before anything else. Hugs

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        • Good points both. What stymies me is the outgoing president’s efforts to lie, cheat, defraud and bully are overt. It is not hidden, yet the folks who rabidly follow him, believe every word. Keith

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        • Dear Scottie,

          Education and legislation are the two major keys. However, it is often too late to educate those who have been poisoned for too long and too deeply by the “me” culture. It is going to be a very tall order for Biden to turn things around. It would have been much easier if some Republican senators had been far more honest and incorruptible, for they have been very greedy, uninspired, cowardly and lack criminal, moral and political accountabilities. It is all quite a big mess in danger of getting bigger still. Even a global pandemic still cannot unite folks in the USA and wake them up. Perhaps it will take an even bigger crisis to do so, such as a series of climate change disasters.

          I have been featuring an exemplar of a politician, statesman and chancellor so upright and unflinching in their integrity and honesty that if any of those senators had even just a fraction of his goodness and decency to perform their duties and to go against the POTUS, the USA would not have sunk to such an intractable, dangerous and protracted quagmire. The upright character of this particular politician, statesman and chancellor has been immortalized in a poem, which is featured and explained in my newest post at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2020/11/11/strong-wind-knows-tough-grass/

          This politician, statesman and chancellor had been fired six times and rehired six times, and still he persisted in his upright approach and upstanding ideal. He even surrendered and dedicated his own lands, real estates and military power! If only much more people in the finantial, business and political spheres can learn from the upright character that I feature in my said post. In my own words, this historical figure is the personification of enduring loyalty, integrity, bravery and forthrightness achieved with benevolence and righteousness, but without favouritism and transgression. He was certainly not afraid of being fired half a dozen times.

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