8 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: tRump’s delusional shit reality TV second term

  • Scottie, as crazy as all of these same, there are too many Republicans who believe the outgoing president’s claims. He has recklessly endangered America, yet only now, when much damage has been done, are a few Republican Senators starting to come out of the Trump closet. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Yes far too late. We must never forget their cravenness. They put their personal needs and power / wealth over their oath / the good of the country. Their focus was not on us, not on the people dying all over, but on their own staying in power so they could gouge more money. I am furious at them. We must make sure to hang that around their necks forever. Every last one of them that felt a mean tweet from tRump was more scary than sick dying people and killing the US constitution. Hugs


          • Scottie, that is the question. Our friend Roger from across the pond used the descriptive term “blowhard.” He will be a blowhard until he dies and some pseudo-news or conspiracy-news (which is where he belongs) outlet will host some night time show with him as a featured guest. He will opine on anything and everything blaming Biden for bad things and talking about how beautiful and perfect his presidency was. The economy will continue to struggle as it finds its new normal. I did find interesting that only 53% of Republicans supported his running in 2024. Pence and Junior were second and third. The best thing to be done is to give him no more coverage than he deserves and say the following on most things he opines on “The former president said, again without proof…..” Keith

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            • Hello Keith. I have not heard the term blowhard in 30 or so years. It was one of the favorite terms of my bruser abuser adoptive father along with the term bullshitter.

              Sadly as long as tRump controls the cult base he will have as much media as he wishes and he will stay a threat to Republicans in congress, which will make them reluctant to cross him whatsoever. So much for serving the country or their constituents, the tRump term has shown these Republicans only care about keeping their seats, their power which they use to make their money.

              Keith what worries me is if tRump manages to inspire his base to even more manic levels of violence. Remember right now we have evidence that a large portion of the police / law enforcement support maga thugs, they allowed the maga gangs to assault repeatedly the people demonstrating using their civil rights. These same law enforcement also arrested reporters doing their jobs which are protected by the first amendment. Those cops / sheriffs are not going away because Biden won. We have two very short years before the next election and we better have positive for the people results to show or else the Republicans will lie, cheat, and steal the congress as much as possible. Hugs


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