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  • Scottie, a logical question is why does one party spend so much time trying to limit voting? Both parties have gerrymandered, but for the last ten years plus, there has been a Jim Crow like effort to keep people from voting orchestrated by the Republican party. African-Americas, college students, older people with little transportation. Why? Keith

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    • Hello Keith. You already understand the answer hence your question to make others think. It is clear the Republican party is a minority party which is losing members and is out of step with the majority wishes of the country. The Republicans do not wish to serve the people, they wish to dictate to the people. Republicans wish to keep or return to a status quo when they were more powerful both as a party and as individuals. As the party is largely made up of far right fringe and Christian National Dominionists they are pushing for a country based on these two main components, something again the majority of the people do not want. As the desperate to stay in control older white members of the party die off and the younger people not so steeped in all or else religions fail to join, the Republican party gets smaller and smaller requiring them to get more draconia to stay in power. You know the old saying”

      If conservatives become convinced that they can not win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. The will reject democracy.”

      David Frum, Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic

      What interests me and why I say the country is more interested in moving more progressively than regressively is when polled on individual issues the responses are in the majority on the side of the progressive issue. Sometimes it is only high 60’s or low 70’s but that is still a majority. Again why those that want to drag the country regressively backwards are losing.

      I have read that a lot of this was the attempt by wealthy business owners to undo the New Deal and the government programs of FDR. The attempt is to move the country back to a time when the government was smaller and had no power to regulate businesses. This was a large aim of the Koch brothers which now Charlie Koch says he regrets. Ya after he took the country off the cliff and got far more than he dreamed he could, he is sorry he won so much. Ya. Hugs

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      • Scottie, when Americans are asked about specific features, they tend to like what they hear. Yet, when packaged and sold on fear or name-calling, they will adhere to tribal politics. The majority of people like specific features of the ACA, but when it is called Obamacare, Republicans will not care for it. Yet, if you asked a Kentucky resident if they like KyNect, they will in the majority – that is the brand name for Obamacare in Kentucky. Keith

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      • “Christian National Dominionists ”

        I am glad to see you use that phrase in your remarks, Scottie. Since ‘Reconstruction’ conservatives have tried to return society to a time that existed prior to the Civil War. Most of the time it has been fairly subtle. It has always been driven by corporate interests. They have always had the backing of the church and have not been bashful about pouring their money into the church and conservative programs. Keeping the lower class whites and blacks in contention has served them well.

        What we have seen in the past four years is the fruition of their long efforts. Just remember when the conservatives began talking about ‘privatization.’ Public education has been one of their main targets. Social Security. Any program that has benefits for society, in general, is assaulted as having all the trappings of Socialism. Just so we all understand Socialism, it is the definition of a system of governance in which the state owns all capital and controls production, wages, prices, etc. America has never had such a system and I don’t know of anyone calling for the government to seize control of all capital, but that is just the thing Capitalists project to keep everybody in fear of economic collapse. The only economic crisis we have suffered has been at the hands of unregulated capitalism.

        “Christian National Dominionists.” They have been working quietly, too. They have been re-writing our history to put Christianity in a role they have never played. It is no problem for them to lie, but now they’re in our schools, teaching those lies and their dogma. They have now assumed a militant posture which we see in all the white nationalist groups and their self-proclaimed militias. Racism is their main goal, but they are not that single-minded. Their idealism is in “the lost cause”. White men with the Sword of God in one hand and a bullwhip in the other. They stopped the civil rights act of 1866. They stopped Reconstruction. They suffered a partial setback with the civil rights act of 1964, but the Supreme Court set them loose again in 2018 when they lifted the consent decree which had stifled their voter suppression and fraud for three decades.

        Conservative Capitalist Christian. No matter how you re-arrange those names they mean the same thing and they have common goals, all devious and all regressive. The most repugnant is that they all hold democracy and constitutional government as despicable roadblocks; tools of Satan; contrary to oppressive governance.

        I’m glad you quoted David Frum, too. We the people in order to form a more perfect Union with equality, liberty, and justice for all must, by all means, protect the Constitution and our democratic government; of the people, for the people, and by the people. The people are in charge. We do not have to ask the white bigots who run the GOP. We do not have to ask the Chamber of Commerce. We do not have to ask any religious organization, no matter how important they think they are.

        These are not original words but they are words that have brought us a long way. A little while ago, I never thought one of our political parties or the church would be an enemy of democracy. but I was naive. I never thought our banks and commerce would prefer that we would be poor and ignorant, but all these people find these words hateful and contrary to their ideals.

        Christian National Dominionists. And they do intend to dominate. I’m glad you mentioned the Christians because I am afraid people are getting tired of me continually bringing the church into the conversation, but I see them as being on the wrong side of the argument. I know this is not necessarily true for the entire body, but it is the talking heads that we hear. I’m glad to hear it from someone else.

        This shit isn’t over.

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        • Hello Cagjr. Thank you for this informative comment. I love it. So many groups working for their own self interests and against any kind of progressive secular country working under a living constitution for a more comfortable and beneficial life for all. I can see why these ideas bother them so, they lose control. Others gain more control of their own lives, of their ideas, of their personal growth, and so owe less or no allegiance to these wannabe controlling leaders. When it comes down to it these groups working to take the country back to a more regressive time lose not only control but also prestige as the country becomes more progressive with more freedom / rights for all. Hugs


    • Hello Polly. What a busy week I am having, how about you? I agree with you that there are plenty of maga scattered all over the country, but the point of the cartoon was it is all dog whistles for black people voting. The places that the tRump people are arguing about, are demanding not to count e votes from, are not just that they normally vote blue, but that they are majority POC. Black voters must be stopped is the point of the cartoon, IMO. Happy indigenous people day. Hugs


  • Has anyone read Jane Mayer’s Dark Money? Something about all the money behind politics. Just wondering. I haven’t, but she was just on Lawrence O Donnell.

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      • Speaking of books … has anyone heard of Sharyl Attkisson’s (Full Measure) new book, “Slanted”? It’s not on the shelves yet, but she quoted from it on last Sunday’s show. I think a lot of people may raise their eyebrows at what’s in it …

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        • Hello Nan. I just looked it up.

          New York Times bestselling author Sharyl Attkisson takes on the media’s misreporting on Black Lives Matter, coronavirus, Joe Biden, Silicon Valley censorship, and more.When the facts don’t fit their Narrative, the media abandons the facts, not the Narrative. …

          It sounds interesting. After Jan 20th I should a lot more time for reading other things than news. Hugs

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          • From some of the quotes she offered on Sunday night, it’s going to be more than “interesting.” It could be downright damning to some of the more liberal news sources.

            I probably won’t buy it — no doubt it will be over-the-top $$$$ — I’ll most likely just read other peoples’ comments.

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