2 thoughts on “TRUTHSGIVING

  • We are the barbarians – uncivilized, violent, and inferior.
    The first thing we understand as developing toddlers is religion, in our case, Christianity. We are born as humans, atheists, apolitical, defenseless, and harmless. But religion soon separates us from our humanity, and politics renders us anything but harmless and defenseless.

    The Pilgrims and the Puritans: Protestants and Calvinists. The holiest of the holy.

    The original people kept them alive. They thanked God for what the Indians did and repaid them by killing them off and taking their land. They identify themselves as God’s appointed and anointed. “God works in mysterious ways.”

    “Not only have the ‘followers of Christ’ made it their rule to hack to bits all those who do not accept their beliefs, they have also ferociously massacred each other, in the name of their common ‘religion of love,’ under banners proclaiming their faith in Him who had expressly commanded them to love one another.”
    —Clemenceau memoir, “In the Evening of My Thought” (Au Soir de la pensee), 1929

    But we have done well. Just look at the skyline up and down the east coast.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Well said. I wonder how much better for the planet had the white immigrants learned what the natives were trying to teach them. Can you imagine the Western Hemisphere of the planet had we continued to live in harmony with nature and still progressed in science and engineering? What a difference. Hugs


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