5 thoughts on “what is heard vs what is said

  • Scottie, well done. When a politician like the president says people are politicizing things, that means he is politicizing things. It is that narcissist trait of “projection.” Looking at your list, the president and his team knows they screwed up by not leading and tell the truth about the pandemic. So, they had to craft another story. You have ably shown what results from such. Trump follows the tenet that if you tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth. To his followers that is the case. Yet, what he did not factor in this time, is people are dying and getting sick. So, it shows he has little if any empathy. Followers that say you are wearing a mask to belittle Trump are not in the ball park of being correct. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. Polly ( Silverapplequeen ) was just saying she hears all the time that Covid is a hoax. WOW. How with this many deaths, with it raging all over the country, with even Republican governors taking precautions can people still think it is a hoax? So not only do his maga cult followers also not have empathy, they can not seem to look locally and see the troubles in their own community.

      OT. tRump tried to take credit for the Stock Market surge yet he failed to mention the 778 K new jobless claims. Great economy isn’t it? Too many people out of work and with no incomes during this holiday season. Hugs


      • Scottie, as for it being a hoax, bless their little hearts. I shared that with a staff member for my Republican Senator the information too many are hearing is conspiracy stuff. I told him I try my best to read and watch reputable sources, but how do you compete with sensational BS? As for the stock market, Reuters noted one reason for the rise is the election anxiety subsiding. It would jump some more if Trump conceded. Keith

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