7 thoughts on “778,000 New Jobless Claims Filed As Dow Closes Above 30,000 For First Time | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

  • What a bubble, huh? The pharmaceuticals probably have driven it up in the past few weeks. Software. Security programming. Software for handling the distribution of the vaccines. What else is growing? Who else is operating at a profit? How many millions are out f work right now?

    I called it a bubble on Dubya and it broke on him, but Obama suffered the brunt of it. How can this not break on Biden? Four more years of trading on a gutted economy? I’m going to stock up on TP right now! Not really. Jim Beam, for real!

    Nobody on my block is buying stock. Maybe the retired pharmacist across the street.

    Now I’ve got myself all depressed.

    We cannot be convicted unless we give voice to our thoughts.

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    • Hello Cagjr. What burned tRumps ass and made him rush to do a 64 second press conference to brag that the stock market broke the sacred number 30,000 under his great leadership, was that many were crediting the official start of the transition for the surge. He couldn’t stand Biden getting the credit or limelight. I really don’t know how tRump will survive being out of office and reporters / news networks not interested in him. Hugs


  • I failed to mention the people lining up for food. I can’t wait for Biden to make America great again. Just get the wheels back on the rails.

    That orange thing in the White House is still setting fires and dropping bombs. I am still stunned that he was elected. I’m also stunned to see how much support he had this time. I had more faith in America than to think that many of us are loose cannons.

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      • Hello Nan. I agree. I keep reading the news every morning wondering if the shoe will drop. Of course the SCOTUS elevating religious ceremonies above any public health laws scares the shit out of me. Hugs

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    • Hello Cagjr. That tRump was elected the first time stunned me. But I figured the right had for 30 years demonized Hillary and tRump lied through his teeth telling anyone everything they wanted to hear. But that 73,904,195 people voted for him to have a second shot in the White House sickens me. It says more about that 25% of the population than I ever wanted to know. ( A bit over half the population voted, and it was 73,904,195 to 80,063,589 so he got a bit under 25% ) How could 25% of the population be so selfish, so self centered, so hateful, so ignorant, so willing to watch it all burn down just to cause others pain? Hugs

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