4 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: More things loser tRump gave up on

    • Hello Angela. Very true. In some ways we have been given a loud wake up call. But it still seems about 25% of the country did not get the message. We have to understand much of what we thought was the legal requirements of the office of President was only tradition. Same with Congress. We have to pass strict strong laws to protect our democracy before 2024, because the same Republicans that backed a dictator wannabe tRump are already claiming they themselves will try to gain the power. Even 2022 is going to be scary, and we have to strengthen the Democratic hold on Congress and change laws to help the people, not the wealthy upper class. Hugs


  • Scottie, all are funny, but I like the won where the cheapish elephant caddy holding the flag telling the putting president let’s give it a few more seconds and it may drop (the ball is off the green). To be frank, the best lampoons are very close to the truth, but Rudy and Donald are cartoonish in their claims to begin with. Keith

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    • Hello Keith. The cartoon I liked was the one with tRump golfing with someone saying it maybe the last time people let him win, meaning after he was out of office the cowering and toadying to him maybe over. I really hope so. it would really crush him. Hugs


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