6 thoughts on “Newsweek: Most Number of People in Need of Food This Thanksgiving Since Depression

    • For the governent to do anything, it has to come through Congress. Now we have a host of multi-billionaires who could conceivably help with a little donation. But we understand, times are tough, so maybe not.
      A bill has been on Moscow Mitch’s desk since about May that might save some of our small businesses. But none of those ultro-wealthy need any more asistance, so no.

      Hurry, Joe. But, make haste slowly. We need to do it right.

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    • Hello koolaidmoms. It is tragic, especially in our country, the one that brags to be the most wealthy one on earth. We have boosted the military budget for four years, sometimes twice a year which makes defence contractor companies huge wealth, but people starve. Billionaires made 1.3 trillion more this year during the pandemic while millions are unemployed and suffering. Hugs

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