4 thoughts on “Part of the real history

  • Christianity has re-written our history to suit their self-promotion and nonsensical crys of persecution. There is nothing in the founding documents to suggest any Christian or other religious entity was part of our founding. Their argument is contrary to the Constitution and all the writting, including correspondence between the founders who specifically kept religion out of our government and our government out of religion.

    They lie, and I recall something in scripture to the efect that God hates a liar. I could be wrong. I’m just saying, they lie.

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    • Hello Cagjr. The hard part is for two generations, maybe more, they have taught their kids that nonsense who then taught it to their children until now they are convinced of it. I went a few rounds with Dylan on that subject. They get taught a fake history their parents and other authority figures insist is the truth. So when you try to correct them they simply don’t believe you. I remember when James was going to church school as a teen then coming and spending the afternoon at our house. This was a decade ago. He was being taught all that founding fathers were Christians trying to form a christian nation crap. We had to sit down and show him how it was wrong. The bad thing was even though the kid knew the truth he had to lie and repeat what they were teaching to get a good grade. Turned him off religion completely thankfully.
      With the courts at all levels being stacked with religious ideologues it is going to get a lot worse. Hugs


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