4 thoughts on “What healthcare is like right now

    • Hello Polly. That is something I can not understand anymore. When it was only in the coastal cities or blue states OK. Now it is everywhere, and even most Republican governors are scrambling to try to control the virus spread and resulting deaths it is inconceivable that people can be so stupid to think it is a hoax. I watched an interview on one of the Sunday news shows with three maga guys. They admitted Covid was real but were sure that masks did not work against it because they knew more than doctors and scientist. The interviewer did not push back on what they were saying. I do not understand. A group on social media tried to storm a hospital to prove they did not have a bunch of sick patients, like they think they were going to be given a tour of the sickest people to video? These people say there was not a lot of cars in the parking lots, like very sick and dying people drive themselves to the hospital? It is this refusal to not think for oneself but to just agree with whatever the cult leader says is going to destroy the US.

      When you are confronted with these people do you argue or show them reasoning? How do you handle it? Hugs


    • Hello Cagjr. I enjoy that site, it is on my morning read list. Did you notice the SCOTUS ruled against the state of NY in trying to stop the spread of Covid by restricting large church gatherings with no precautions? The religious wingnuts on the court ruled that religion must not be interfered with even if you make the same rules for every other business. I am still trying to find out more about the effects of the ruling but it seems to be putting religion as a superior entity above the laws of the land and everyone else. Even for the protection of the people. Very scary start to the theocracy wanted by the Christian National Dominionist. Hugs


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