CNN POLITICS: In a 5-4 ruling, Supreme Court sides with religious groups in a dispute over Covid-19 restrictions in New York

In a 5-4 ruling, Supreme Court sides with religious groups in a dispute over Covid-19 restrictions in New York
In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court sided with religious organizations in a dispute over Covid-19 restrictions put in place by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo that limited attendance at religious services.

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18 thoughts on “CNN POLITICS: In a 5-4 ruling, Supreme Court sides with religious groups in a dispute over Covid-19 restrictions in New York

  • A decision I feel that was not based upon law but written to show there is now a Conservative imbalance in the Superior Court. Where is the support for a Governo intending to keep his people safe? The spread of Coronavirus even further in New York must be shared directly by the Stupidity of the Church and the divisiveness of the majority judges in the court.

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    • Hello David. You are correct it was written to make a point, it was to show the superiority of religion over everything especially any laws that try to limit it. It was the 5 super religious court members that feel religion has the right to discriminate. The court is also ruling on the right of religious groups to discriminate against the LGBTQ even while taking tax payer money. You know that the religious justices are going to rule that religious freedom come above all else. Hugs

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  • Yeah, first thing I saw when I turned the TV on to check the weather report.
    I’m barely leaving the house as it is. Now, I’m determined to only go to the doctor’s appointments (and vet for the pups) and food shopping when needed. Got a pretty good stash of stuff in the cabinets though. Might not need any food til the new year. Just gonna have to get creative.

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. If it was not for the spouse needing to get out once in a while we would do our grocery shopping online for delivery. This ruling is just a harbinger of what is to come. The religious nuts on the court will now elevate region as the supreme right of the land able to disregard any other laws. Something that has never been in our country, in fact the SCOTUS in the past ruled religion was a lower right that the government could regulate for the good of the people. Now watch the Christian National Dominionist push for as much as they can get to create their desired Christian theocracy cemented in law before the courts change again. It is a scary time. Hugs

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      • I wonder how far they’ll go, and if they go all the way, will they regret it when each person who decided it was a good thing suddenly starts nitpicking or feeling uncomfortable with some of the rules they don’t agree with?

        Other than getting fed up with superstition in the first place and how it is a prison, the biggest reason I have for 100% agreeing with separation of church and state is there are as many Christianities out there as there are Christians? So, who gets to decide whose version of Christianity we all will be forced to bow down to under a Dominionist system?

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        • Hello Chatty Introvert. I agree with you. How ever the leaders and grifters of the evangelical movement have shown they plan to go all the way as far as they can. The best way to guarantee a greater haul in the collection plate if force people to pay. Hugs

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  • This puts a bold exclamation point on the courts religious right wing swing. We have TV preachers and other preachers in the news, all of them teaching their congregations to ignore the medical advice in favor of somemystic notion that the corona virus will not affect them. We have a raging pandemic and they account it as a blessing from God?

    We have govenors and mayors trying to keep people safe ans slow the spread of the virus and the Christian Nationalist with the support of the Supreme Court working in opposition. Holding large gatherings is simply adding to the problem and these people must know it. Theyare not un-educated or ignorant of the danger we are facing.

    The conservative GOP and Christian leadership have played Donald Trump like a $2.00 whore. He has done everything asked for by the Capitalist, Federalist Society, and Christianity to create a real monster. The followers of Christianity seem to not be able to think for themselves. They are being led into a situation that if they survive, they will be subject, not to democratic law, but to the “law of God” which theist make up as they go. Nobody has ever seen a word written by ‘god’ and they never will.

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    • what I’m worried about is if this trend continues through Christmas. I used to know plenty of people who believed, but rarely went to church, the “fair-weather christians” or something, just going through the motions on Christmas and Easter as their designated attendance times. The churches will be packed then for sure because of ritual, and then the flu season will look like a cakewalk.

      I’m so fed up with the mess. All my neighbors seem to be going to other folks’ houses or folks are coming to theirs. I made my “thanksgiving” meal yesterday. The microwave will take care of the rest. Not leaving the house today and the rest of the weekend–it’s gonna be nuts at the stores the next few days.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Well said, I agree. I do wonder at all the religious leaders on TV, all the mega preachers who claimed to either defeat and drive away Covid such as Kenneth Copeland, and yet Covid is still with us. And the ones that claim that god is using it to attack the bad sinful people like the LGBTQ+ or the audulters, then these very preachers are getting the virus. Yet their followers, the cult members, do not seem to care the preachers were wrong or the man speaking for god got Covid also. WTF. These people ignore all they see and hear to keep the god delusion. No wonder the lies and misinformation about tRump never phases then, they are use to denying reality. I am really worried about what religious war these people will wage on Biden’s attempt to save us all and them also. Hugs

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        • Hello Nan. I wish it was not true. How do we address this issue. They say we should try to reach out to the maga people, but how when reality means nothing to them? Hugs


          • IMO, all you can do is share information. Trying to “reach” them is a lost cause. As I’ve mentioned before … I live with a hardcore Republican and there’s little to nothing I can say that will change his thinking. In fact, I avoid such conversations because he gets extremely defensive.

            Until something takes place that affects them personally –AND it relates back to their core political beliefs– they are going to “stick to their guns” (literally).

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            • Hello Nan. You said something I think is very important. They get very defensive! I know that when I have tried to have a conversation with people when there is passionate differences and either party gets angry or emotional ( my self included ) it is like hitting a brick wall at high speed. People don’t think well or rationally when in an emotional state, and defencive is an emotional state. That is why I try my best to defuse the tension and anger and get the conversation on to a more reasoned ground. Often I try to use humor or a side argument to address the issue. And sometimes it just is not possible and as you say it is best to not even try. Hugs

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      • Have you seen Copeland’s face when he gets all “go away Satan” in front of a camera? It occurred to me that the main reason he insists he has to fly himself everywhere rather than “get on a tube full of demons” is he doesn’t want the competition. He looks freaking possessed himself.

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