DeSantis Extends Order Banning Mask Enforcement

DeSantis Extends Order Banning Mask Enforcement

Click Orlando reports:

Gov. Ron DeSantis today extended his executive order that bans local governments from enforcing mask mandate violations.

The order, first signed in September, prevents cities from fining people for not adhering to mask mandates. It also prevents cities and counties from ordering restaurants to close without economic or health reasons being justified.

The order signaled Florida’s move to phase 3 during the pandemic, meaning restaurants, bars and salons will be allowed to reopen at full capacity. Many other states have added rules and restrictions in recent weeks due to a spike in COVID-19 cases.





9 thoughts on “DeSantis Extends Order Banning Mask Enforcement

  • What a total misuse of power. How can he ignore over a quarter of a million dead. He’s allowing the virus to move ahead unchecked, no, he’s encouraging it. He is a malicious idiot and endangering his State.

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    • Hello David. It is money. The state is desperate for money. Florida has no income tax. The state gets most of its money through sales taxes. With things shut down, with people not buying and selling, no money exchange therefore no tax money for the state. The state is out of money for the meger shitty unemployment that is allowed. So the answer from DeSantis and people like him is to force people back to work, back to selling hoping people will come out to buy. After all DeSantis and his people know it will not be their families at risk. They demand the opening of in person classroom instruction schools so the workers kids have a place to go, but their wealthy kids won’t be in those classrooms getting sick. Their wives won’t be serving people in restaurants. The risk of sickness and death with life crushing medical bills is all on the lower class workers and poor. So back to the mines you slaves, the masters need new luxuries. Hugs

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  • In my response to Scottie’s earlier post, I mentioned governors and mayors being stymied by the church and courts. I failed to include Republican officials who are sycophants and minions of Trump and the church. Not all Republicans nor all Christians are feeble-minded enough to cave in to this nonsense. But just look at the hordes who are.

    And what do they want open? The church house, the restaurants, and the bars. Places where masks and social distancing are very unlikely.

    If they are sincere in wanting everything reopened, and most of us are, then it necessary to get this disease under control, and that is not going to happen by ignoring every common sense and healthcare advice to be safe. It is probably criminal for these so-called leaders to be fighting against all reasonable advice, especially government officers who must swear an oath of office.

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    • This is what truly boggles my mind! The places where people are most likely to talk, cough, sing … and they are the ones these idiots want to stay open! And don’t EVEN get me started on allowing BARS to be open!!!

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    • Hello Cagjr. They have been seduced by the idea that we can go back to the way it was last year before Covid. Because for most of them it was a more comfortable happy time. They want what felt good, what made them happy. Heck we all do. But most of us know what you said is true, to get that we must control the virus.

      The Republican governors may have started a ball rolling they can not control or stop with these angry maga assholes. But as I said with Desantis it is about the states desperate for money. McConnell and the Republicans have boxed themselves in by claiming the states needing money from the government are blue states, but the truth is the red states are just as desperate and needy.

      One thing that stuns me is their lack of care about over 260,000+ and growing deaths of our country people. When nearly 3,000 people died on 9/11 it became a national outrage that lead to two 20+ year wars. Now that we are having that many very 2 days they simply don’t care. Shows it was and is not about the deaths but about the propaganda and the cult emotional high they get from being always outraged. Hugs

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  • Taking FL off our travel plans for awhile. My kids were there in August and we were considering going back when the snow starts flying. Not now. We want to be somewhere that is warm but open with common sense.

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  • 267,757
    That’s the count right now, Scottie. That is since your post this morning. Those are the ones we know of. The longer it goes, the faster it grows.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Damn scary and it did not have to be this way. I was seeing a chart earlier today and the rest of the world is flattening their surge and we are off the chart. Yea the US is #1! Damn maga and their Dear Leader. Hugs

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