Hospitalizations And ICU Admissions At Record High

Hospitalizations And ICU Admissions At Record High

Gothamist reports:

The number of people in the United States hospitalized for COVID-19 on Thursday topped 90,000, marking a record high for the 17th day in a row and a grim sign of what lies ahead as infections continue to soar.

Around 125,000 new coronavirus cases were reported across the country. However, the full picture of infections and deaths was incomplete with 20 states or U.S. territories not reporting data on Thanksgiving Day, according to the COVID Tracking Project.

Public health experts are bracing for a spike in cases following Thanksgiving, which saw many people travel and gather with their families despite pleas from local officials to stay home. In New York City, a flood of people scrambled to get tested prior to the holiday, resulting in hours-long waiting times.

Because people are tired of all the needed steps to control the virus and a portion of the population won’t even try the sickness, death, and damage of the virus is surging again.   Hugs

2 thoughts on “Hospitalizations And ICU Admissions At Record High

  • I would love to find the folks running around and getting it, and going into the hospitals about to ventilated and insisting it’s a hoax still. I want to ask who the hell gains from creating such a hoax in the first place, especially since it didn’t “magically go away after November 3rd”.

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    • Hello Chatty Introvert. Notice none of the people who claimed that have admitted they were wrong? Like all the preachers claiming to have vanquished Covid are admitting they were wrong. Sadly if you go on YouTube to CBS or CNN or MSNBC you will see clips where they interview nurses and doctors who are still getting dying patients claiming it was all a hoax. One nurse said she had a patient demanding to know why they were withholding the real medication from the patient, you know the cure given to the president and his people. Sad. Hugs


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