4 thoughts on “Livestream to Save the Senate

    • Hello Nan. I did not think you would. The first segment is loud and rowdy. The second segment is quite and more informative with Seth Andrews. I was too tired to watch it all last night, so doing so now. I woke up at 1 AM sick to my stomach again. I listen to most of these guys podcasts so it is fun for me on a weekend when there is not a lot of news content. I am not going to be able to relax until I know if we won the Senate, so much depends on it. Hugs

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  • I didn’t get far enough into it to find out whether any of that absurd vulgarity is helpful to anyone’s campaign. I have contributed all I can to the Democratic candidates, the DCCC, and the DSCC.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I love the different podcasters, I listen to all of them except the musical guy, but I will try his podcast. I learn a lot from Andrew Torrez on political law, and the Scathing guys are wonderfully funny on the podcasts they have. They raised over 124,000 for the candidates. It was a great 3 hours. I found them funny and entertaining even though I couldn’t donate anymore as like you I have reached my limits. Hugs


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