2 thoughts on “Nearly 7 million households at risk of eviction when moratoriums expire on Dec. 31

  • I watch expectantly for nothing to be done. I would be more surprised if something positive were done. Nothing gets by the Grim Reaper of Democratic or bi-partisan legislation. I cannot understand Kentucky voters, having one of the country’s poorest states, returning Moscow Mitch to the Senate. It may be that the state is so gerrymandered that Democrats can not win. (They elected a Democrat governor in 2018.)

    What would the mortgage industry do with a sudden glut of housing? What will they achieve in having all that housing sitting empty? I don’t think we can set that many people on the street, whether Congress acts or not. It would be a good time for an Executive Order disallowing foreclosure. Or pardons. Trump is big on pardons.

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    • Hello Cagjr. I agree. I think for Kentucky it is a tribe thing. They have been brainwashed that the R’s are their tribe, that Republicans are the only real Americans and the rest are communist / socialist trying to rob the good people of their guns, religions, and their money. It is lies, but these people are so conditioned by the decades of the same lies that they simply are doctrine now. It is backed up by their preachers and all the Republican politicians who claim God sent them. God, guns, and capitalism.

      As for the empty apartments and buildings? Some people have suggested many were rent controlled and this will end that? Maybe there are other things like financing costs dependent on occupancy? I can not imagine it is better to have an empty building compared to one that the renters are willing to make some payment or keep the buildings in good shape. Empty places tend to be vandalized. Hugs


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