2 thoughts on “That’s how we reset our values.

  • Tiffany Cross: “I’m not meeting a bigot halfway.”

    Who is supposed to change in an abusive relationship?
    Well if you ask a white conservative judge, then he/she will most likely tell the victim they were doing something wrong to provoke the assault.

    Our White Christian Nationalist Dominionist Supremacist do not seem to be making the sort of noises that indicate any remorse for the role they are playing. What we have just seen in Trump is what they wish to continue, not just here but for the whole world. That is their stated ambition, not my wild raving. Observe what takes place in the next four years.

    To make a course correction you have to first know that you are off course. The KKK has re-built itself several times. They come out with different clothes, different accents, and different tactics, but they have never changed that basic goal: taking America back to biblical law, white supremacist leaders, no constitution, and no republic. It has nothing to do with being a Christian. It has to do with being the right kind of Christian. Those denominations and congregations which do not buy into the notion that they need to prepare the whole world for the return of Jesus the Christ, will either be absorbed or abolished.

    President Trump’s oft-repeated slogan “America First” was also a credo of the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan organization.
    The Klan coin: Front “The Invisible Empire”, the back, “America First” (top) “Preserve Racial Purity” the bottom. One thing Christians want to enforce is the OT phrase “Kind After Kind”.
    (The Klan always rode ‘outside’ the law.


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    • Hello Cagjr. Thanks for the information. You reminded me Bannon tried to make far right hate schools over in Europe. You are correct these people are not interested in having the right to do their own thing, they want to force others to do their thing also. It is not only a hate thing, but also a control issue. It seems they can not be happy unless they can tell others what to do and how to live. Hugs


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