11 thoughts on “Trump flips out on reporter: ‘I’m the President of the United States!’

  • Scottie, and who is the lightweight in the conversation. A person defames the presidency by “quite smugly” lying about the election fraud, a fraud claim that he has planned for months. This is why I detest smug comments. He truly got more respect than his earlier comments would warrant.

    Truth be told, I was not going to watch his BS as I do not like being lied to. This reminded me why he does not deserve to be listened. Lie, say it smugly, say it again, say everybody knows…We just witnessed what he will be like for four more years. Now the question is will people get tired of this schtick.


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    • What I’ve found baffling is so often the reporters have asked their questions in a way that makes me think they are trying to make him look good, like “please just say something intelligent, not-insulting, or humble without posturing… dare we say, ‘presidential.'” And he throws it in their face every time, like a kid given a piece of cake for his birthday and then throws it in mommy’s face and laughs.

      I can’t stand listening to the man anymore. Since he’s president (for now) I would try, but the attitude and condescension and whining dripping from his voice would make me turn off the TV every time.

      As far as the “will people get tired” thing, other than die-hard supporters, I think most are, but it’s that conundrum of MSM that ratings and clicks are high because people are interested in him, so the MSM keeps reporting on him. But they don’t realize the only reason a lot of people have tuned in is there’s nothing else there to see or listen to, and they’re hoping for something else. Kinda like those crap reality shows that were exploding a decade ago. The networks assumed everybody liked them and ordered more programs, not realizing that the only reason they were being watched is every other network had the same idea and nothing else was on. Funny how many ratings dropped dramatically when other programming than “reality” came on in the same time slots. Of course, people ditching traditional cable for streaming services so they could watch other stuff most likely helped (hee hee).

      Huh, just thought of something. Would DT be a living example of the phrase “familiarity breeds contempt”?

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      • Hello Chatty Introvert. The networks keep airing tRump because he is president, the same reason reporters put up with the way he acts toward them now. But in a short period of time he will no longer be president and everything will change. Reporters will stop playing nice when he acts like a jerk. News shows and networks will stop covering him personally and he will become just a mention. That will really tear him up. Hugs

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        • I just find it disheartening that it’s like they’re trying to get something positive on the news and he’s insisting on being a jerk, so they can’t. Sheesh–I think reporters, even the ones that go for the most sensationalist stuff, are more tired of him than anyone else. They can’t spin it because DT’s his own worst spin doctor.

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    • Hello Keith. I also get really tired and angry at being lied to. I was just reading that an appeals court said tRump’s case against PA is without merit and they not only denied it but required that tRump’s campaign pay the legal bills of PA.

      The maga cult loves tRump the bully who demands they talk nice to him with great respect. Because they wish they could make people also respect them when they are spouting nonsense lies and bigotry.

      Sadly as soon as Biden starts his administration the maga cult will forget all about the talk nicely to the president stuff and will tear apart every word Biden speaks. Hugs


  • One of his favorite phrases — “hundreds of thousands.” Thing is … “hundreds of thousands” voted AGAINST him in this election. Sorry, Mr. President. You lost.

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    • Hello Nan. Soon, very soon, he won’t be able to walk all over reporters and demand they cower and grovel to him. On January 20th he will be furious at the lack of attention, even angrier when they simply walk out on him or ignore him, and then humiliated when he has to beg for media attention. Hugs

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