Daily Mail: Trump is planning an event DURING president-elect’s inauguration

Trump is planning an event DURING president-elect’s inauguration
Three sources told The Daily Beast Trump is plotting various ways to boycott Biden’s administration including ways to detract attention from the inauguration.

Read in Daily Mail: https://apple.news/AgZOeb2y-R6WM4FbCKKgGfg

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13 thoughts on “Daily Mail: Trump is planning an event DURING president-elect’s inauguration

    • Hello Maura. I think it will involve the insecure maga’s that need to carry a gun to feel macho like a security blankie. Will tRump wind his maga cult members up enough that some will do violence, yes I think so. But the good news is that Biden will be President at noon on the 20th, and it will be his FBI that will investigate and stops them, it will be his DOJ that prosecutes the maga cult. But tRump will continue to incite his base, until twitter cuts him off which they will they have said. Then he will use what ever media he can but it wont have as much reach. SPTV is going to be very careful about repeating tRump’s most inflammatory statements as they do not want to get sued or in legal trouble. tRump has pasted his use by time he just doesn’t understand it. Hugs

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  • Fine. I just hope he isn’t too let down when he finds out nobody really gives a shit. His biggest problem will be: HE AIN’T THE PRESIDENT! If he gets his fucked up 30% hardcore to listen to his b.s., then fine. 70% of the voting nation will be interested in listening to a real president.

    I’ve been wrong a number of times, but the money this goddamned grifter, a.k.a. tRump, has been taking from his supporters and using to pay his legal fees, rather than his supposed attempt to overthrow the government WILL RUN OUT. He is facing some big time problems. Hell, let’s start with the release of his taxes for the past five years. That ought to prove interesting. Oh, and his fraudulent land deals, his under-the-table deals with Russia, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, et. al., his sex crimes…need I say more. All his talk will soon come to an end. A well-deserved end.

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    • Good morning Paul. Yup. The networks will cover the inauguration, with maybe a mention of what tRump is doing, but they wont cover it live. tRump’s maga wouldn’t watch the Biden inauguration anyway, so no loss to Biden there. I doubt even fox, the soon to be former state propaganda TV, won’t cover it live, if anything will only do quick cuts in and out. Now the far right heads up their ass media will cover only tRump as they know their ownly viewers are maga assholes. Hugs

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  • What a pitiful little man.
    He is absolutely terrified to have to see the inaugural crowd.
    He has tooted his own horn. His plan was to as Steve Bannon said, “bring it all crashing down,” speaking of our constitutional democracy. Quite a lot of damage has been done already, but democracy is still working and that means they have not met their objectives. They wanted to do to us what Lenin did to Russia; drive it into the ground. They have checked all the boxes for petulant, spoiled children.

    I’m watching the revue of the Obama years on MSNBC. We’re comparing a man to a man-child.

    He may find some perverse satisfaction in another exhibition of an obvious lack of any self-discipline, any small step toward manhood, any consideration for the fact that everything he does is a reflection, not on Joe Biden, but on Donald John Trump. If he does undertake another act of desperation, it will be against the nation.

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    • Hello Cagjr. Tony is correctly worried about the maga assholes will do after Biden is inaugurated.

      When Obama started campaigning for Biden / Harris I was stunned how nice it was to hear a top politician speak eloquently in complete sentences. It is not just tRump that slaughters this, but all the older congress leaders.

      tRump will never admit he did anything but the best stellar historic great job as president, many people are saying so. He is just not capable of being a normal person. It will be interesting to see what event or stunt he pulls to draw his maga crowd during Biden’s inauguration and then claim greater ratings. I just pray that even with Covid Biden’s numbers are clearly bigger than tRump’s as that will eat at him. Hugs


      • What would really frost tRump is if Biden’s inauguration was turned into a private affair … only a few mucky-ducks … and wasn’t televised. That way, there would be no “competition.”

        Of course, this isn’t “the way it’s always been done” so it’s doubtful anything will change.

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        • Hello Nan. I really had hoped that Bidens crowd would be so much bigger than tRump’s was, that he false lies was bigger than Obama’s, bigger than anyone’s. Simply I am at the point where I want tRump humiliated. A lot. Hugs

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          • EVEN IF (most likely it would be) Biden’s crowd was much, MUCH bigger … do you honestly think tRump would accept that? He’d point out a jillion and one reasons why it’s not really what you think you’re seeing.

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            • Hello Nan. While tRump publicly makes a lot of self aggrandizing comments don’t you think he really knows the truth. He can see the pictures, the videos, he can read the stark numbers. I think he may not want to admit the truth, but he knows it inside and it eats at him. And I love that the truth eats at him. Hugs

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