2 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: Face the facts, tRump lost and wear a mask

  • Scottie, and the outgoing president continues his BS. The person lies throughout a press conference and then has the temerity to say “don’t talk to the president that way.” My thought is if you want to be treated presidential, then act like one. After the latest Trump campaign appeal was rejected, I wrote a post this morning called “One more court case win than a dead man has.” He is not sharing this news with his base. I go back to what John Oliver said a year ago, they will have to drag him out of the White House. Now, he wants Biden to prove he got 80 million votes. I think the certification, auditing and recount process is doing that, Mr. outgoing president. Keith


  • Trump is delusional. He pardoned Flynn so he would be the “General” to lead the coup with the troops coming back from the Middle east. Miller and Bannon are egging him on as well. Ehhhhh?!?!? GROG


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